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Dolly Cross-Dressing

Sep 11, 2007

    1. So I have several questions on this topic, but instead of turning into a big snarly debate, I would prefer to hear your personal opinion on one or more of these questions.

      a] is it unethical/wrong to picture "underage" (that means 21 for me) dolls cross-dressing?

      b] when cross dressing how far does one go? Does one leave it to feminine clothing/face-up? or does one go all the way?

      c] Is it wrong to post pictures of your cross-dressers?

      I am terribly sorry if these seem nOObish to some, but i really want to know.
    2. I don't see why its ethical/wrong. I can only see age being a factor if the doll was obviously a young male being made to dress in girl's clothes but even then I don't get any warning/signs/flashes that anything might be implied or wrong about it other than 'that is weird" but I don't give it too much thought.

      I dress my dolls, male and female, however I like. Most of my dolls are male but I dress most of them as females. This isn't because I ever planned to cross-dress them but it is easier to find female clothes I like so my dolls have to suffer and wear it. All my dolls have feminine faceups because its easier for me to do faceups of that sort and its the aesthetic that I like in dolls (not in real life however)

      I don't see why it would be wrong to post pictures of dolls cross-dressing. Unless its obviously something above the pg rating, it should then be posted in a journal or more private place.
    3. A.) Depends on how they're cross-dressing...context, I guess. ;D If it's very young dolls, child-aged, then I personally see no problem as long as they're decently covered. Little kids play dressup all the time, no big deal.

      Pretty much the same deal with early/mid teens. If they're doing it for a kick, or because that's who they are, then fine. However, if they're doing it in a sexual manner...not so fine.

      I'm not one to deny that teens have their own sexuality (just look at MySpace), however, it does irk me when it's being presented to the public (again, MySpace).

      B.) I'd have to say it depends on the doll's character and that character's reasons and intentions. I have a doll that crossdresses, and yes, he looks somewhat feminine at times and his faceup (when the factory one needs to be wiped) will reflect that slight femininity. However, you'll still be able to tell he's a boy doll. ;D

      Still, I don't think slapping a girl-head on a boy-body, going all out with makeup, then slapping a dress and hose on him is going "too far". That's just who that doll is.

      On the other side, taking a Hound and sticking him in a skirt isn't wrong, either. These things happen in real life (sans head-swapping, but you know what I mean), and I don't feel that they're particularly inappropriate, even when done in a sexual manner (provided the doll isn't obviously a child doll).

      C.) Context matters. I only believe it's wrong if it's being done in an atmosphere that doesn't appreciate those pictures. However, if it's allowed within the scope of the place you're posting -- no harm no foul. :D
    4. Why is cross-dressing such an issue?I've seen many threads about cross-dressing boys,but really,why is it any different than tomboyish girls?People do as they please,as long an they don't hurt anyone.

      a]I don't really see why.I've met kids who cross-dress,so as long as they are decently covered i'm fine with it,both dolls and kids.

      b] Most boy doll molds(excluding Dolshe and some few more)are already very girly in appearance,so i see the appeal of having a girly cross-dressing boy,but that is also a matter of personal preference,and with the major yaoi trend going on,i wouldn't expect to see manly,bulky mans(again excluding molds like Hounds,even tough they can also be girly,but are manlier in look).

      c] Don't really see why.I think much worse of sexualized situations between doll that are childish in appearance,than a boy in a skirt or corset.Really,it all comes down to personal taste and the persons perception of the world.So,as long as it isn't sexualized or ver suggestive,i am completely fine with it.
    5. I don't really have a problem to it, each to their on, but I also don' understand it. I've always been a fan of tough, manly guys, and girly guys don't do it for me. I mean if I wanted a girlfriend, I'd have a girlfriend not a boyfriend who looked like a girl :)
      Yet again, not saying anything wrong with it becuase it doesn't bother me, I just don't understand it.. and I don't mind if I don't understand it, so you don't need to explain it to me, probably won't help :sweat just putting forward my idea on cross-dressing dolls
    6. I don't think it's unethical or wrong to picture underage dolls crossdressing. Unless it's in a very not PG setting (in which case it belongs on a personal journal/website/etc.) or they're being forced to do it in a really negative sense or sexual sense (again, in which case it belongs on a personal journal/website/etc.).

      I don't think there is anything remotely wrong with crossdressing dolls, as I don't think there is anything wrong with people who crossdress IRL. I personally don't see it as any different than someone who is a tomboy, they enjoy the aesthetic of another gender and that's great that they found something they enjoy.

      I don't have a crossdressing boy, and all my plans for future dolls involve girly girls and a cute little boy and a manly man. However I don't have anything against people who have crossdressing boys, and I can appreciate their pictures just as much as everybody else who has dolls that I may not want to own myself, but like seeing. ^_^
    7. I don't see anything wrong with doll cross-dressing. My Natsuo wears girl clothes all the time. Even though he's a boy doll with his default face-up, he looks so feminine that honestly I think he looks a little funny in a pair of pants. He's in a skirt more times than not and no one has ever said anything strange about it, though non BJD people tend to look at me funny when I refer to my doll in a skirt as a 'he' but ah well..
    8. Curiously, why post this in the debate section if it's not meant to be a debate?

      a) Personally, I don't think there's much ethics involved in crossdressing. First, if it's a BJD that looks like its 3 years old, I don't think it even counts as crossdressing. At that age, they wouldn't even know what's the difference between girls wearing skirts and boys wearing pants. If it's an 18 year old crossdressing...I don't see what's ethically wrong with that either. In the end, I don't see how ethics play a part in crossdressing. Is unethical really the word you were going for?

      b) Entirely up to the owner how far they want to crossdress their doll.

      c) No...I wonder what gave you the idea it's wrong? My boy doesn't crossdress and I haven't yet come up with a character that will, but I wonder why putting up pictures of crossdressers would be wrong?

      In the end, everything is about context. If it's just a girl wearing boy's clothes or vice versa, then there's nothing wrong. If it's a little girl being forced to dress as a guy to fulfill some looming SD-sized doll's fantasy...then yeah. You might want to consider the issues involved in posting that up. There is no harm in the mere act of crossdressing, unless you're putting it in a situation where there's negative intent. For a change, think about 'reading'. Is an underage kid reading against any ethics? Of course not. But if the kid is forced to read porn or is reading porn because someone left a magazine out, then it's a different story.
    9. ] is it unethical/wrong to picture "underage" (that means 21 for me) dolls cross-dressing?
      Nah, as long as it's not in a sexual way. And they're covered. So a 13 year old boy in a skirt is fine but as soon as he starts trying to be sexy all bets are off. As for girls it's the same(such as lifting up their shirt or something cause they're still anatomically female and have...breasts to be seen and if they're underage that's not right imo)

      b] when cross dressing how far does one go? Does one leave it to feminine clothing/face-up? or does one go all the way?

      I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "all the way". If you mean like changing the doll's sex then it's not really cross dressing anymore. I'd much rather my boy or girl still be their original sex and just dress em up like the opposite :D

      c] Is it wrong to post pictures of your cross-dressers?
      No, if you had to censor your doll photos based on whether your doll crossdressed or not that'd be discrimination. In other words saying you can't post dolls crossdressing would pretty much be like saying people who crossdress are "not right" but again, if the pictures get too sexual then there's nothing wrong with saying no crossdressing pics because of overly sexual themes in the pictures. Crossdressing and oversexualizing a doll/character are two different things and in the long run the mods gotta do what they gotta do in order to keep this a 13 + forum :)
    10. Danka to all of you who posted. I really appreciate the feedback. I just kinda wanted to know some opinions on the subject. I live in a place where cross-dressing in general is very controversial, and wanted to know if it was like that all over. Personally, I really like the look, and help a bunch of my friends get that way. (I.e. I do make up or help find shoes big enough XP) and I particularly like the idea of very full developed characters, which leads to the idea of very obvious Drag Queen Dollies. Thanks again for the feed back.
    11. a] Is it unethical/wrong to picture "underage" (that means 21 for me) dolls cross-dressing?
      Why would it be? There are trans-gendered children as young as 5 years old (though that's different from "cross-dressing.") Cross-dressing a child doll isn't an equivalent to child pornography. Well, unless one consciously takes sexual photos of their boy in a dress... Off topic, but, legally, I don't think images of inanimate objects are even considered porn. (Not a lawyer, so please correct me if I'm wrong.) But such images wouldn't be permitted on here, regardless.

      b] When cross dressing how far does one go? Does one leave it to feminine clothing/face-up? or does one go all the way?

      My boy occasionally wears dresses, his faceup hasn't been made to look more feminine (it came pretty feminine, though.) In the future I intend to have a male doll who is trans-gendered, so he will wear female clothing full time and have a feminine faceup to match. ^^ Though, I don't intend to mod breasts on him, as the character I intend for him to personify hasn't gotten sex reassignment surgery... (I feel silly when using that term about a doll.) :sweat

      c] Is it wrong to post pictures of your cross-dressers?

      I think this question says a lot about society... I don't believe its wrong at all, but many a person would tell you otherwise. Though recently there have been laws made protecting people from discrimination, many people have dated ways of thinking and are still prejudice... (More off topic, but actually trans-genderism is still considered a psychological disorder.)

      Sorry that turned into a whole novel. ^^;;; And a bit off topic, too...
    12. a] is it unethical/wrong to picture "underage" (that means 21 for me) dolls cross-dressing?

      I seen no problom with it. I think ppl dress the way they want to, as well as ppls bjds ^.^ I think it depends on their personality ^.^ as for somone to go as far as to call it wrong I'd have to say that its brave, not wrong! To express ones personality visualy is just a great way to set themself apart ^.^ and idk about you but, I don't want to see a bunch or bjds that look the same, then wheres the fun in that?
      b] when cross dressing how far does one go? Does one leave it to feminine clothing/face-up? or does one go all the way?

      I'v seen male bjds crosdresing with faceups more feminen then most, but they still look lovely ^.^ I'v no problom with it and find it kind of refreshing to see the difereance ^.^ agen I think just the clothing or bowth is up to the owner and their littel frined ^.^
      c] Is it wrong to post pictures of your cross-dressers?

      In my opinyon, absolutly not! ^.^ I tihnk its best that everyone post their budys the way they are! I mean they are like real ppl in the sence that they are each diferent, and that is because we are all diferent ^.^ ppl should accept that and deal. If not then I must wonder how they live in the real world.

    13. I don't see anything unethical about it. they're dolls, it's not like they care. They're here to be an expression of the creativity of the owner.
      I'd think it's more unethical to dress your dog up in a hat and jacket regardless of the gender. (lol, i'm just kidding. my mom puts a rain jacket on my dog. he always looks subjugated about it though...) As long as it's kept PG, it dosen't bother me.

      Me personally, i don't crossdress my boys. I have girls for pretty dresses, and a boy to look well... boyish. :)
    14. There's already an open topic in Debates called "Females as Males"... it's a ton of pages long and still going. So yes, the topic has already been asked & discussed. Many times, really. It's very interesting. Hop over and join in.

      And no, there's nothing wrong with posting pictures of any dolls in any gender's clothes, as long as their coverage & content don't violate the DOA rules. Go read the DOA Rules, all those stickies & threads will help clear any specifics up for you.
    15. a] is it unethical/wrong to picture "underage" (that means 21 for me) dolls cross-dressing?
      Most boys I think have tried dressing up once when they were a kid for fun, or curiosity. I don't think its wrong for a boy doll to, some sculpts are quite feminine, and with some tinies and minis without looking for the jewels you wouldn't know. (I dressed my Liu in a dress at first until he got boy clothes.)

      We used to have fun as kids, helping the boy in the group pick stuff out to dress like a girl, of his own will, then he would tell adults he was his cousin "Tanya" lol

      Now if its sexual kink or fetish stuff that is innapropriate for a girl or boy at that age thats not something I would condone.

      b] when cross dressing how far does one go? Does one leave it to feminine clothing/face-up? or does one go all the way?

      I don't know understand the question, so I will skip

      c] Is it wrong to post pictures of your cross-dressers?

      Nah go for it! The dolls are for your imagination, and enjoyment, I am sure there are others who do.
    16. I feel that it is kind of a non issue, and the same people that are bothered by cross-dressing in dolls are going to be bothered by it in real people. I consider myself very accepting of those alternative lifestyles, and am really good friends with a scientist who found homosexuality in sheep.

      a] is it unethical/wrong to picture "underage" (that means 21 for me) dolls cross-dressing?
      Crossdressing in dolls doesn't bother me in the least, even in minors. How many high school boys do y'all know that wear girls jeans? I have known plenty. Taking it further still isn't an issue, it seems that this culture as a whole values effeminate males, so it is a very easy leap for me to go from girly-boys to boys dressed as girls.
      Even minors in fairly sexualized pictures doesn't bother me, especially if a minor is defined as under 21. Over 18 for me kind of means all bets are off, regardless of the law, but that might be because I'm 21 and that wasn't that long ago for me, and I have vestiges of that I'm a teenager and I should be able to do whatever I want mentality.

      b] when cross dressing how far does one go? Does one leave it to feminine clothing/face-up? or does one go all the way?
      What do you mean by all the way? Like stuffing bra's and such? I think it should be completely defined by the character of the doll, and there's no such thing as too far for me. If your dol is transgender, they should be stuffing their bra or their pants, and I'd be upset if they didn't. But if the boy simply wants to crossdress, then maybe they should only be wearing girlie things.

      c] Is it wrong to post pictures of your cross-dressers?
      Not at all, it would be straight up discrimination to not allow it, it's simply representing a less popular part of society, and to consider it wrong would be completely narrow-minded.
    17. a] I think that for the younger BJD's it's cute. It all depends on what the owner decides the character should be.

      b] I just would leave it at clothing/face-up otherwise you may as well just get a female doll

      c] It is certainly not wrong. It is art, I think every doll is individual and that's what makes them fun.
    18. I'm personally not into the boys cross-dressing, but I don't think that it's wrong. Then again if that's your characters personality then it works, just fine. Other times it can be funny though, especially if the guy doesn't look to excited about it.
    19. Ethics and morals are subjective. So quite honestly...no, there's nothing 'unethical' about it. Laws are dictated by many things, up to and including an assessment of the average moral or ethical views of a given population. But 'ethic' and 'moral' themselves have no concrete boundaries - those are something that are defined purely by the user.
    20. a] is it unethical/wrong to picture "underage" (that means 21 for me) dolls cross-dressing?
      I don't personally think that there's anything wrong with it, and I actually thinks it displays some of the behaviour going on with teen boys, I've seen alot of boys here dressing girly or just wearing a skirt - I don't think there's anything wrong with it because I mean ... It's just skirts and frillys

      b] when cross dressing how far does one go? Does one leave it to feminine clothing/face-up? or does one go all the way?
      Well I haven't crossdressed my guys, because it just isn't a way "they are", I'm thinking about getting a more femme guy than the rest - But that's for fate (and my money) to choose.
      I think that it is possible that you can make a girly face-up on a masculin dolly, and not making him look like he's crossdressing or just femme, and the same goes for the outfit - Some face-ups are just too masculin for the doll to be wearing a dress x'P

      c] Is it wrong to post pictures of your cross-dressers?
      of course not, it's for the enjoyment of one self and for others.