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Dollzone 1/3 Girls Clovera, Violeta, Morphoa, Beetta Discussion

Jul 16, 2009

    1. AAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Running around the house screaming in excitement!!!!!

      I LOVE YOU DOLLZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh my G_O_D!!!!!!!!!
      I am SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!! EEEKK!!! I love DOLLZONE SO MUCH AND THESE GIRLS ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!


      I want them ALL!! WAH!! :...(
    2. Morphoa is lovely. I think she's the first DZ girl thats really caught my eye, though I do really find DZ faces appealing. Clovera and Violeta are really cute too. Sorry Beetta, if you're listening...but your outfit is great! :lol:

      Morphoa's going on the list.
    3. It looks they are either on the 58cm body or this is a new 1/3 body.

      I am getting Beetta for sure - the fullset. All the outfits are so cute. Dollzone is just getting better & better. OMG - I'm so seriously over excited LOL!!

      How cute are the SHOES!!!!
    4. I've emailed Dollzone to ask if this is a new body (would be great if it was a double jointed 1/3 body like the 1/4 ones they just released)!!! I'll post once I hear back from them.

      EDIT - it is NOT a new body. It is the existing 58cm body (you get a choice of small or large bust).
    5. I'm disappointed in the new girls. Their faces don't appeal at all, especially the mouths. They're far too misshapen to be cute at all, and most of them just look blank or stoned. I love DZ, I have one of their 1/4 dolls, but these new girls are just.... bleh. I wish they had come out with some new boys too, maybe it would have counter-balanced the strange looks of their girls.
    6. Well thats sad for you hun....

      I love them.... even if they do look stoned lol

      phae_11 LMK if you order yea?? I want Morphoas outfit!!!
    7. I think Clovera's adorable, but otherwise these girls don't do it for me. Their outfits are fantastic though.

      I don't think it's a new body though, they list it as B58-002 which is this one that's been out for a while.
    8. I dont think they look strange but it's the opposite, they all look very adorable! Very different from dollzone previous girls. I like them all especially Violeta, she has very unique features especially her mouth!{She can be Aaron's mother! They have smiliar mouths!} &Their outfits are amazing, dollzone is getting better day by day :)
    9. I think they look amazing, but to child like to be a 1/3 size. There outfits are spectacular though, very CLAMP like. Hopefully they will release similar male outfits.
    10. i love DZ sculpts, there's just something about them.... very haunting. i especially like Violeta, and Beeta.... they have that Reiko look that i love..... and the Beeta costume is adorable.
    11. Im exited too! Dollzone gets better and better!
      From all the dolls Ive seen so far DZ the best posing ever and so well made <3
      Ok enough DZ fangirling, I just love Clovera and Violeta!!!
    12. I am really excited about the sculpts DZ is turning out lately because they're in the same vein as ones like Reiko, Lola, and Aaron! I like the more realistic look to their features!! XD
    13. I can't believe how adorable they are!!! :D
      I totally love Clovera and Morphoa

      I thought that too when I saw them! Especially Morphoa's outfit. It looks like it could have just stepped straight out of Cardcaptor Sakura or something!
    14. I really like Morphoa- such a lovely face. But I was surprised that they are 1/3- I just assumed they would be 1/4. If you don't like them- well, I would just say DZ faces are not for everyone. I actually like them because I find them quirky and interesting and different from any other look.

      Luckily for me, I'm not in the market for another 1/3 size girl, lol! Or I would be in serious trouble.

      I still wish DZ would come out with a more mature 1/3 boy, though. Something like Yuu or the 70 cm boys, but in the smaller 60 cm size.
    15. These girls look unique to me, not strange; they dont look like any other girls Ive seen. THey're very cute. I cant decide if I like Beeta or Violeta more, but Morphoa is slowly growing on me ;D Love the new dollzone girls,
    16. i think violetta's got the beginnings of fish mouth, but beetta and morphoa are lovely! clovera's just too sweet and simpering for my tastes. i'm excited about the double jointed body though!
    17. I do like the new heads and the outfits, but I think they'd look better on a chubbier, less mature body, something along the lines of Volks sd10. Beeta's outfit particularly would look better on a more flat-chested doll.

      This is very true, but for some reason I'm always a little drawn towards dolls that remind me of fish or bugs. ^^; I think she's cute. (But Beeta's cuter!)
    18. When I first saw the new dollzone girls, I was like "Mom, which one do you like the best?" She picked Morphoa and Clovera, the two that I liked the best as well=) and the outfits are uberly adorable! Now all I have to do is save, save, save!
    19. I'm gonna save up for Morphoa and Clovera=) and the new outfits are uberly adorable!
    20. I think Beetta looks absolutely gorgeous...
      They do look a little immature for SDs, but I think they look great.