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Dollzone 2010 Summer Event Chinese Dragon Boy and Girl :D

Jun 25, 2010

    1. Wow, I am loving that girl. And there is absolutely nothing I can think of that I can spend $600 on at DZ (if I had a spare $600 lying around doing nothing right now). Darn.
    2. No worries, DarkStar. More than likely you will be able to get one later on in the marketplace much like Leo and Luna:) DDE may even stock them later, too.
    3. Hope you're right, Mitya! She'd make an interesting surprise for my Soom Sphaler! "DaDa!"
    4. I'm really loving these tinies, which is quite unusual for me since my favourite dolls are the largest ones I have (like, 65 cm). I was never really fond of tinies, though at a recent meetup I got to hold some and play with them and I found them kind of endearing; the perfect doll to take with you wherever you may go.

      Fortunately for me I REALLY like one of the new 62 cm girls Dollzone has released; unfortunately I prefer the clothing, faceup, and shoes of the other girl, so justifying purchasing the $606 fullset is rather difficult. If only they decide to sell the clothing for these girls separately I might make it! Alas, there is a limited doll I am saving for who is the same price and who I won't be able to afford if I go for the Dollzone girl (who I would really be getting to get the tiny dragon >.>).

      ...Darn you, Dollzone! Sell these cute little babies separately and you will make much money, I'm sure!
    5. That is so true, KittyFields! DollZone would do great just selling these two on their own! They're really cute and different. And at a time when the world economy is so bad, a lot of us can't afford a $600 doll, but would jump at the chance for a $250-300 doll that was really new and unique!
    6. I also think that they are so cute! I´d so love to have one, but I don´t want anything else from Dollzone (not to mention I don´t even have 600$ XD)
      So I just hope there will be enough of them at the marcetplace :)
    7. Lovely little creatures! :3
      I was like: Oh my gosh! >.< They're breathtaking!!

      If they sell them extra I would definatley buy one! ;D
      I like the blue girl...but at first she looked to my like a mermaid...xD
    8. I totally agree, Felias Beast:D It is certain they will not sell them separately but more than likely DDE(Denverdoll Emporium) and possibly other dealers will carry them after the event. I'm hoping once people start receiving theirs we will have some spam up in here! Also, if anyone can see if these heads fit on the Leo and Luna bodies I'd love to see that. I'm not really thrilled with the dragon body, I'd rather have the Dragon boy head on a human body.
    9. Dragon boy has arrived to us yesterday, and he's so cute!

      One photo, no make-up, blush and not best eyes, but this tail and paws is very amazing!

    10. *__* Awww! Thank you soo much Miracanto for the great picture!
      So lovely! :3 I totally have to get one! >__<°°
    11. The chinese dragon boy is my favourite <3
    12. Oh, he is just precious, Miracanto!:D I just adore the dragon boy, he is also my favorite:aheartbea I hope to get one of these sweethearts eventually and I find the dragon tail much more appealing now that I have seen user pictures of him:D I can't wait to see more of these babies! Miracanto, do spam us with more when/if he gets a faceup:D
    13. Awee not really my style, but I love the little girly
    14. I have never liked anthro dolls, and then I saw the little girl, and my heart melted! I will have to see on the market place and hopefully I can get one!
    15. oh these are great love the body's ...why don't they just sell those cute ones ...we all will have to hunt the marketplace again for it...just want to buy one.
    16. I got my girl in the mail the other day, I had ordered some things for the event and a Beetta in hopes she might work for me, unfortunately no ^^;

      I haven't had time really to finish the little dragon up, but I might just keep her simple and make her a smaller version of a larger doll I no longer own :) I'll post pictures of her if I get the time!
    17. I was unimpressed by the faces but once I scrolled down there was definately a bit of cursing under my breath. They are fabulous and theres soooo many possibilities for that amazing tail and little paws. dangit. I like the little boy..
    18. thank you I did see them...only I think they are a little to big for me :)...my biggest doll is going to be a doll from kaye wiggs and my mini-riz they are about 27 cm....It should be a little dragon compared to them....if it would be puki size....oh oh I just orderd a little mermaid from fairyland, didn't know they were available again until end of august....................