Dollzone 2010 Summer Event

Jun 24, 2010

    1. In order to thank for your supporting and encourage, Dollzone will start 2010 Summer event from 25/June/2010...

      Event Time: 25/June/2010 --- 31/August/2010

      Event Details : A + B( can choose A or B)

      A. Anyone purchase DZ product that valued US$200(excluding shipping fee), can get US$20 cash coupon; US$400 can get US$45 cash coupon; US$600 can get US$70 cash coupon;
      Cash coupon can be only used when place order; Cash coupon can be used to purchase any products of Dollzone, but can’t be used to offset the freight;

      B. Anyone purchase DZ product that valued US$600(excluding shipping fee), can get one Chinese dragon boy or Chinese Dragon girl;US$1000 can get two;
      You can choose white, normal pink, normal yellow skin color for Chinese dragon girl and Chinese dragon boy; Chinese dragon girl and Chinese dragon boy will come without make-up and clothes, if need make-up, will charge US$50 for one; if need clothes, will charge US$28 for one;

      Event link:
      Chinese dragon girl link:
      Chinese dragon boy link:
      Dollzone BBS link:

      Dollzone Team
    2. will the dragon girl be sold seperately?
    3. Hello..The chinese dragon gril and chinese dragon boy will not sell separately...
    4. Would layaway orders over $600 get the cute little dragons as well?
    5. Hello rishimsin, now we do not accpet layaway..but I think it's ok through our agent who accpet layaway..
    6. i like the dragon boy! but i dont know the measurements for it how big is it?
      size of a 15cm or a 1/6 doll??
    7. Kori - It says on the page, 22cm.
    8. INDOLLGENCE will be participating in this event. Layaways over $600 placed in the event period will be able to get one of these cuties!

      Site still undergoing updates, so if there's a doll or item you want that's not shown please email me.
      Updating should be completed by July.
    9. yup but it doesnt say its width or if it fits a yosd shirt or lati yellow
      i'd assume its a lati yellow size clothes but just want to be sure
    10. Do the dragon parts come blushed or is that part of the make-up?
    11. If my order is over 1000$, may I have 2 dragon girls or must I have a girl and a boy?
    12. The dragon portion of the body + horns do not come blushed, that is part of the make-up which costs $50.00.

      Customers can choose what gender they want their dolls to be, so you can have 2 girls.
    13. So I take it then if you don't get the make-up on the dragons the dragon body will be the same skin tone as the rest of the doll?
    14. That would be correct.
    15. So, if you buy multiple, non-doll items that totals to $600, will you get a dragon doll? Or does it have to be one item that is a doll?
    16. Your order can be a combination of any DollZone product. It just has to reach the value of $600.00 worth of DollZone items in order to qualify for a Chinese Dragon doll.