Update DollZone 2016 Two Big News-New Resin and New skins

Jun 1, 2016

    1. First ,we will change our resin ,and will change from march order.pls see the picture detail.

      Second ,we issue the new skins ,the white ,pink,yellow is different from old(there is picture) ,and add new skins:tan and grey skin.these two skins need add money.

      our website:www.dzdoll.com
      our email:[email protected]
      if you have any questions ,pls contact us.
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    2. Very excited for the Tan and Grey!

      So Doll Chateau announced they will be getting the Tan skin too, but will they also be getting the Grey skin?
    3. Does this deadline include the white and normal skintone as well? Because it there will be any difference in their quality / yellowing I will be in a biiig trouble with my dolls. I have an Verna head from 2014 and I would like to buy an body to her, but only if there is any guarantee that I can get the old white resin. Actually this deadline is extremely short after all of the events in 2016.
    4. I'm planning to buy 2 msd bodies from you for my DIM heads, but since the color will be changed soon, I wonder if the skin would match DIM skin as it used to before. Can you please extend the deadline to July?
      BTW, the new pink skin looks better but I don't quite like the new normal yellow skin, it looks very yellow to my taste.
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