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Dollzone 44cm + Kid Delf?

Jan 22, 2009

    1. Hi~
      I don't know if this has been posted somewhere, if it has been please delete this post.
      I bought myself a KDF Bory a while ago ((waiting for her now *-*)) and I was looking around for a friend for her. I found that the DZ Megi looks like exactly what I was looking for! Now I was just wondering if anyone has some comparison photos of a DZ 44cm and a Kid Delf? It be veryveryvery helpful!
      Thank you in advance :fangirl:
    2. Umm, even if you don't have a photo, an opinion (of how they look together) would be great too!
    3. I would think they'd look good together. I was just looking at Lut's pics of Borys and though she's 36 cms and he's 44cm I don't think that would be a bad height difference. Put her in boots and him in flats and it would be even less. The KDFs look very slender and lithe, I had thought my Nicco was slender until I got the AoD Wang Zi!:o Nicco looks positively manly, well not in this shirt but, so my opinion, value what you like of it, is that the two would look quite nice together.
    4. You might want to re-ask or ask a mod to move this to the Picture Requests in the BJD-opedia. You will likely get more qualified answers there!
    5. Oh, thank you! :D
    6. I think, don't quote me but, I think this little guy on the left is a Bory and that's my slightly drunken Megi on the right...

    7. Awww! xD Adorable. Thank you so much <3
    8. I don't think they'll look bad together. =) There's only a 3 cm difference (41 cm vs. 44 cm). Last meet I went to, there was a Megi there, and I think he and my Bory boy looked okay.

      The only thing is that Bory might have a sliiiightly larger head than Megi, but that's easy to remedy with wigs and such.
    9. One poofy wig for the Megi! hhahahahaha Nicco's gets a little static and it looks like it's trying to eat his head!
    10. Actually I kind of was thinking that too, Lelite. I noticed KDFs have kind of wide heads in comparison to some other msds. However, I think I'll definitely go with the wig idea. Lol, I can just picture Megi in a huuuge wig xDDD.
    11. It looks great! My KDF Bory has a DZ Yume as girlfriend and altough she is somewhat bigger (and his hands are huge in comparision) they look really cute together!
    12. A kid delf on the older body and a dz tintan I used to have. The boy dz are about the same height I think.
    13. Thankyou guys so much<33!