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Dollzone 60cm Girls Discussion

Nov 30, 2006

    1. They really are beutiful sculpts. I think I even might get one someday. Especially Moying and Aolanduo pleases my eyes.
    2. I like them. Right now Linlan and Aolanduo are calling to me. And the Shengxi head looks pretty nice too!

      OK, Moying also looks very nice. It's going to be hard to choose!
    3. But from the DZ offical site, the size is said to be:
      Height:60cm chest:26cm head:21cm waist:17cm
      neck:10cm shoulder:12cm hip:26cm arm:18cm leg:15cm
    4. I hope the bodies are super-poseable like the boys' bodies are... hmm, might be tempting then...!

    5. just saw on eden dolls -
      The development of 1/3 female doll has finally been finished, those who are so eager for the 1/3 female dolls please pay attention~
      There will be four 1/3 female dolls to release, each possessing a different mood and style. In order to celebrate the birth of the 1/3 female dolls and Christmas we have a special offer during 1st Dec to 25th Dec; You will be given a specified doll head and a Christmas costume for free if you order a 1/3 female doll!
      Pre-order starts now and the official release date is on 1st Dec.
    6. The special doll head in celebrating offer should be Shengxi head
    7. I definatly prefer them to the boys.

      Are there any nude pictures of the bodies yet? I'd love to see how they are jointed.
    8. they're gorgeous, but yeah, I'd like to see the bodies themselves... O_O
    9. i love Aolanduo... i wasnt planning on buying anymore dolls for a while... but she's pretty. i hope that dz's english site comes back online soon and shows some body sculpt pics...
    10. :D I am really liking Linlan, and I might have to get her, but I want to see the bodies too, I know they are up on ebay. The price is not too bad either, but I have some debt to get out of first.
    11. For those who aren't familiar with Chinese, I'll give the pronouciations of these girl's pretty names. Pinyin letters are not pronounced the same as we pronounce them in English.

      Yaqi- Ya-chi
      Lianji- Lyan-ji (lyan is one syllable)
      Linlan- Lin-lan
      Moying- Mo-ying
      Aolanduo- Ow-lan-dwor
      Shengxi- Sheng-shir

      hope that is helpful ^-^
    12. They seem to have the same kind of knee and elbow joint as the boys do :D

      I'm so considering buy Moying from EdenDoll, to be honest I think I will, and I'll live off water and bread for the next month *lol* She's so very beautiful :fangirl:
    13. Or, at least the knee joint seems to be the same as the boy's, the shoulder are definitely not like the boys, and I can't see the elbows clear enough to make them out...

      Anyhow, I just went ahead and pre-ordered Moying from EdenDoll, with a face-up and body blushing. It won't kill me dead, but now my doll and etcetera funds will be absolutely and fully depleted. She was bewitching me though the screen, and then there was EdenDolls Christmas offer to consider...
    14. I want the dress the first Girl wears :sweat Its definitely from Magna Carta (which i'm obsessed with xD) That dress and Aolanduo or Moying *mhmm* :aheartbea
    15. Eek! I love the head-molds, but their bodies look so skinny nude! :o

      Those hands are gorgeous, though~~ +___+ Can't decide which I like better; aolanduo or moying~~ :whee:
    16. the bodies look pretty posable though...nice XD
    17. I like Linlan, she is fetching.....and the event special is a great incentive to buy one. But she will have to wait for me...just got my Soom SD Gena..and she is my love right now
    18. Wow. Moying caught my attention and then some. I will wait to find out which head is specified (and I'm finished buying Christmas gifts), before I leap.