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Dollzone 65cm Male Dolls - Cosmo and Brant

Nov 20, 2009

    1. News Thread - HERE

      Dollzone page for Cosmo - HERE

      Dollzone page for Brant - HERE

      Can't believe these boys don't have a thread. I am loving them both at the mo. I 've been looking for a mature looking boy for ages.
    2. They are quite awesome,simply awesome,i'm dying to see the new sculp body,imo the neck seems more thicker and shorter that the 72cm body..can't wait to see that, my fav one is Brant btw.
    3. I think I like Cosmo. I want to see blank heads though.
    4. Mmmm.... I'm in love with Cosmo.
    5. Cosmo especially is....wow!

      I also can't wait to see the body. I really need some shorter but masculine bodies. I'm so hoping for no pencil neck and some nice strong legs!
    6. :oKinda looking like Minimee heads some, but they look awesome!! I do want to see more of them. Do they really have a new body??
    7. wow they are very hot i like both of them
    8. They look very good. I especially like Cosmo, but I'd like to see some more pics too.
    9. Both heads, cosmo expecially reminds me Gackt.
    10. Gosh, my thoughts exactly. Except I also saw some resemblance between Brant and Hyde as well, so the first thing that came to mind when I took a look at these boys was, "Moonchild ...?" ^^;;

      With that said, they're both very attractive, unique sculpts in themselves. The sneak peek images had me a little worried that they would be deviating a bit too much from Dollzone's usual aesthetic, but seeing them now, I like the fact that they're quite different, and yet still possess plenty of that distinctive Dollzone hauteur. :)
    11. WEEE moonchild i've seen it :aheartbea
      yep you're right about Hyde as well...
      i'm dying,literally,to see the face sculp in blank and the body sculp as well,but seems quite interesting.
    12. I just fell for Cosmo and wanted to now if he can fit a 70cm body. Now I know he can, for some reason I'm giving up the idea of a really tall boy to keep him on his default 65cm body. as I could see in the pics, it seams REALLY a beauty body

      Dollzone has been increasing their habilities more and more... I wonder how exactly this body is.
      And I hope they'll have blank head pics with the body pics ( when it's released)
    13. Cosmo's alittle too macho for me....but bryant is such a hottie....*trys not to drool*
    14. Cosmo is gorgeous! I've never been a fan of dollzone before, but these guys look really different from their usual style, and the fact that they look to be around the same size (in thickness and height!) as soom super gems makes me so happy because i know dollzone will make clothes for them, and i'll FINALLY have clothes for my dia boy, haha!

      if i was rich I'd soooo get cosmo, hes very hot
    15. Yay! Glad I wasn't alone in thinking that myself!
      Personally, I like them both, but wish for better shots of their faces/eyes. With these photos though, totally Cosmo fan. :drool
      SO glad they aren't limited! And DDE does lay awaaaaay! :dance
    16. Oh snap I love Brant...... :D:D And I've been thinking about a slightly taller addition to my crew.......
    17. Oh wow. Cosmo has to come home. He's even better suited to a certain spot in the lineup than the Bix presently filling that role is. (Bix is a -leeeeeeeetle- too sweet for it.) *blink* Even the hair, outfit, and eyes they have in in for that photo shoot are -exact-. It's downright eerie. Shoes and sunglasses are off, but that's... *twitch-blink*
    18. Body shots are linked in the news thread! I LIKE!!!! Not terribly fond of those big knee joints, but everything else is very nice!! :D:D

      Brant is just the sort of fellow I want for Gabe and Rachel's father. And I bet he'll be STUNNING in tan. Guh.... whyyyy do I insist on keeping tabs on new releases???:doh
    19. Yay for Dollzone, this widens my options bodywise! *waves flag* There aren't enough bodies available in this size range, I'm so happy they've come out with this one! Now to go look up resin matches ^^;
    20. Yes timid, I agree with you completely. I wonder what skin tone is shown in the photos, I'm not familair with Dollzone. Photos look a bit dark. The body measurements are comparable to other 65cm dolls with very slight difference.

      Are there any cloths made for this body?