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Dollzone 70cm Limited - Asura

Sep 4, 2010

    1. The new Asura is AMAZING...

      Dollzone have totally out done themselves with this one, the armor is all resin cast, he uses the claw hands we saw in their previous jointed hand limited sale. He was the show doll they had up at the China Doll Show some months ago. Perhaps the interest in him was enough to convince them to release?

      But... He's limited to 100 :(

      Link to DZ page for Asura.
    2. Asura’s armor pieces are quite impressive; I wish I could get the helmet,
      pauldrons, hand and gauntlets (ßonly if the brown leather-like material is fake!),
      but I’m too lazy and not too sure to look for split partners. XB The helmet piece
      is pretty neat though.

      - Enzyme
    3. o.o// I want the doll! I could care less about the headpiece, I just want the doll, the rest of the armor and weapons, and the WINGS!!!

    4. I want the doll so badly!!!
      Even if I joined a split, I would want ALL of him!
      Even his backdrop! lol

      I wish they would sell him as standard.
      (Of course)
      Though a hundred is alot I'm sure he'll still sell
    5. Is this Chen with different makeup??? I would love to have my Chen with that faceup....
    6. I thought so too when I first saw him actually, so to be honest, I'm not sure. The name might be the "character" rather than the sculpt
    7. In the News thread about him Doll Zone said that the head was a Chen sculpt.
    8. yeas he's a chen mold, i've posted immediately in the news thread but no chat is allowed so my comment was deleted ^^
      he's not my cup of tea, as i'm not too much into this fantasy charatcher, but sure he impressive,
      i'm wondering if Asura was sold at this past event or not.
    9. He's being sold right now.
    10. Huzzah for this wonderful version of Chen.
      He'll keep my Chen 1 company, annoy my Hong and lord it over all the tinies. XD

      I did see comments at their site ages back after the doll show; queries of 'will he come out as a limited?'

      I guess they listened. Yay!
    11. I don't own any BJD's yet, but I did just order Dollzone's Asura. Now I'm just waiting to see if I made it in time. The head sculpt looks really nice. The body is thinner then I would like, but man is he going to be tall. 27.5 inchs. o.o I'm 5.6, and his head will come to my thigh.

      Oops wrong thread...but it works here as well. :P
    12. I think you'll like his body Cloudminded. He's got the standard 70 cm body and it's actually nice to look at. Hands and feet are very detailed, toes slightly curled instead of flat. Ribs and other body areas look like an athletic young man, not too muscular, just slim.
    13. Thanks. I didn't notice that about their toes. On the pictures the body just looked really thin, but then I've mostly been looking at the EID bodies from Iplehouse, and I think those are bigger. And the pictures never really give you a great idea as to proportion and height. I had to go get my ruler just to get a better idea as to exactly how tall he'd be.
    14. [​IMG]
      My box opening for Chen 1 and a shot of his foot. Sorry for the nakedness. LOL

      This is the same body/boy as the Asura so he should be a total looker.
    15. Always liked the toes, they're not pretty delicate things, but are actually quite realistic, toes do curl in and to the side when you wear shoes lots...

      But beware Cloudedmind. Chen's have this slightly smug look that seems to pervade their personality....
    16. Yeah mine has a nice sweet personality until one of the youngsters misbehaves and then he's all mr. authoritarian. XD He's nice about it, but then, he towers over everyone else. In-ti-mi-da-tion. LOL
    17. Thanks for the pics Freya. Yeah he actually looks pretty good. Not as skinny as I thought. Is that Chen in white resin?

      Yeah, I know quite a lot of people with toes like that. Mine are actually kind of straight. Thanks for the heads up Lilly. I'll have to make up an appropriate persona for him then.
    18. Cloudedmind- oh he'll make his own. I didn't even OWN mine and he made his own (I'm a DZ dealer, he was part of the stock, he got damaged and ended up living with me. But he was the only stocked doll with a personality.)

      freya1924- Yeha, they kinda like their height thing... Mine is quite annoyed with me for having a MechaAngel on my wants list... XD
    19. Actually I think I know what you mean. After looking at pictures of Asura for the thousandth time, I keep getting that "this is my house" and "talk to the hand" kind of vibe. I can honestly see him taking over my room. The cat and him are probably going to have some words.
    20. Yes that's white; I thought it looked very good; and Chen was my first DZ so he impressed me greatly; enough so that a year later I bought the Hong (rather than the gigantor that is Soom). Even then, 70 cm is the towering inferno around SD's and MSD's.