Dollzone, bad tan resin warning!

Aug 28, 2008

    1. Well, the last 2 Months ive had 3 Dollzone Tans for commission.
      And what i got kinda.. shocked me.
      Ive handled other Tan dolls before, so i know the differences between the resins.

      With the first head the owner told me,
      it seems that i wasn't able to remove the msc right. There is like white layer on the resin.
      But as i was working with the head..i realized the white cloud was in bedded in the resin.
      So i pm'ed her telling that it looked like the resin was badly mixed or losing color or something.

      I completely thought this was gonna be a one time something.

      But then the second commission came.
      This head had the same... but then on his nose and cheeks.

      The last Commission was a msd, and i got the complete doll.
      And his legs, his shoulder and neck an chest were covered in it.
      His forehead was the worst.
      I tried Sanding it to see if it would help... well of course everyone starts screaming.. NO DON'T SAND TAN RESIN..
      but actually..nothing happened. [i sanded with poleshing sanding paper that actually hardly sands at all. on the inside of his headcap]
      It didn't go away, and the resin didn't get worse or discolor because of it.


      So at first i thought,
      mweh shouldn't be complaining. These dolls are cheaper so less quality could be expected.
      But then the owner of the MSD told me she payed 351 usd for him.
      Wait WHAT?
      I checked out the dollzone website, and all the dolls mentioned above where from dollzones new higher prices.

      So i decided to post this,
      because i think people should be warned.
      Besides Joints that don't fit nicely and randomly legs with different lengths here and there.
      Dollzone now sells bad tan resin dolls for high prices?
    2. I have a dollzone tan Yuu who i adopted recently(not sure how old he is but probly not that old) and the only odd colouring he has is where his seams have been sanded and it is slightly lighter then the rest of his body so it appears it's just recently this has begun happening but i now know i'm not the only one with dolls that have uneven legs as both my dz dolls (60cm girl and 70cm boy) have the same problem!
    3. Neither one of my boys have problems. They aren't tan, but all of their limbs are even. o__o
    4. has anyone tried contacting Dollzone about the problems?

    5. I hope someone does, i told the girl from the msd to do this,
      and to tell the dealer but i don't think she ever did.

      I'm not a official owner.. so i can't. D:"
    6. I've never owned a Tan DZ But I've got 3 ( going on 4 ) Msds from them in White and NSPink and Their Limbs are all the right lengths But the Leg joints are yeah a little shallow so they kick more than I'd like But Each company usually has some issue.
    7. hmmmmmmmmmmm, well so far i don't see any problem with mine....yet, I'll do getting him commission for moding much later on, and i just recently got him...lordy i pray nothing is amiss >.>
    8. Well, i also find the joints of the arms to not fit well together.
      Not like cp/fairylands or others Korean brands.
      Which is not a big problem, but now they are upping the prices i think people expect more from them.
      And end up buying something that isn't worth the price ~__~"

      Especially resin and design wise.

      I made this threat to warn people for that, and probably more people have problems with the tan resin and don't even know it shouldn't be happening.
      Now they know this isn't suppose to happen.

      Every Tan resin has some issues.. but losing it's color isn't one that is acceptable.
    9. I'm searching for a tan body and I found your post very useful thank you!
      Not very reassuring unfortunately. ;___;
      I wonder if the problems are the same with the old light tan resin they had before, maybe they should back to this one?
    10. :eek: I haven't had any problems with my tan DZ... I hope nothing's hiding under his face-up *has had him on default*
    11. My BB girl gets cloudy on her face when I take her face up off, but once you spray Testors over it it goes away. She's not tan though.
    12. my boy is tan, and new...and already i can see those dang white spot, with all these mishap from dollzone they are now offically on my black list!
    13. Wow... this was great timing for me, Naiara. :o

      I knew about the odd arms and uneven legs... but this tan skin problem is news to me! And I was just considering adding a Dollzone tan gal to my wishlist. Thanks for bringing this to light before I started working up a personality for her.
    14. I've got one of their original Tanskin dolls... a Tanskin Yuu from one of their first batches. He's a much lighter Tan colour than the new ones and I have not had any issues whatsoever with him. No fading, splotchiness or cloudiness as far as I can see. I have not removed his faceup (and have no plans to do so anytime soon), but the rest of his body is not sealed and I don't have any problems with him.

      It sounds like the issues are newer, but I'm glad someone put a thread up to warn people off. I'll make sure to let a friend of mine, who just recieved her Tanskin DZ Megi not too long ago, to watch out for that sort of thing. He looked good to me, though, and didn't have any issues with legs being uneven.
    15. I have to say that as much as I love DZ, I really don't care for their new tan. I have an older tan Megi who is SO wonderful. The tan is lighter, but it's beautiful consistent creamy resin.

      I recently got a tan Hid (which my daughter snagged before I could bond with him). While there wasn't anything particularly wrong with his resin it was very orange. Same with a tan fox. I was so looking forward to the fox but the orange color put me off.

      I'd be interested to find out what's going on with them...
    16. But maybe this problem with the tan resin sort out only when the DZ face-up is removed?
    17. Nope, i pm'ed the owners of the 2 heads i had.
      Same thing on their body.

      The Hid on the Picture was send to me with his body.. and same thing there.

      And yes it is only their new dark resin, as far as i know.
      [didn't they stop producing the lighter resin]

      I think it's only the tan resin of their limiteds, which makes it even worse.. bad limited dolls D:"
    18. sad to say it the resin itself that has problem, one mistake of miscommuation of the face up i can understand, second time still a screw up with a good mock up, alright problem can be slove, but the resin was the last straw for me, who pay over 700+ for something like that. I even email them without any reply -.-. I won't be dealing with them for a long time to come.


      his back is the same way -.- tsks can't believe he isn't even over a month old >.>
    19. I get my Hid three weeks ago, his resin is ok (he's not tan skin), but I have the problem with uneven legs.
      It's only a few mm, but first I thought he is damaged (he's my first doll).
    20. I receive a tan Hid in June of this year. He's patchy on his forehead, but I thought it was a bad coating of sealant. After reading this thread though, I'm nervous. Sigh.