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Dollzone BBs

Aug 16, 2007

    1. I'd LOVE to have their measurements so that I can start planning clothes. I am in the midst of developing a TRULY exciting project, but just now I lack the funds to get started; if I have the measurements (in inches, please, if possible!) I could at least make a start. :D Thank you for any help out there!
    2. Excellent, thanx! :D

      Ann Estelle is what, about 10", correct?
    3. Opal - I noticed you are using a numeric IP in the link you posted. If you use a numeric Ip the link will be broken when/if the DoA server upgrade causes DoA to get a new IP address.

      Some people started connecting to DoA with a numeric IP (saved it in their bookmarks or whatever) back once a long time ago when DNS (what converts internet names to numbers) was broken for DoA. Their own bookmark and numeric links they had posted broke when DoA moved to a new internet provider.

      Basically I suggest that you connect to DoA this way (using the name):

      if you do, I think DoA links you copy and post will also have the name instead of a numeric IP address. Then your links won't break in the future.


      BTW - Here is a link to the Dollzone BB thread without IP numbers:
    4. Umm, sure. :) I cut and pasted the link that came up when I went to the thread in question. I used the address the server gave me via my browser.

      Edit: Carolyn, tried this again, and got the domain name, not the numeric IP address. I do connect using the domain name, but apparently there was something going on with the server at that instant when I cut and pasted the url the first time. Computers, can't live with them, can't heave them out a 4th floor window and let them smash on the pavement below. :P
    5. Heya,

      Most places that sell the BBs will have their measurements. For example Edendoll. The measurements are usually in cms, but you can use an online converter to get them in inches. If you need a spesific measurement, just ask around. I have a BB myself, and I can take any measurements of her if needed ^_^
    6. I wonder if my Leeann clothes would fit BB. She close in size to Ann E. trudy <><
    7. :)

      Thank you! :D

      I think I basically need the usual measurements for sewing, inches preferred but cm's aren't terrible either. ;)

      I'm surprised at the size of these dolls - had the idea that they were rather smaller...

      Who makes the around 6-inchers?
    8. Definitely check out Carolyn's amazing tiny size chart. It's pinned at the top of this forum. 6 inches would be around 15cm. I think that would be Bobobie's Eric, for one. :)
    9. Leeann's clothes are very tight tight on them, and most are too long..the BBs are more Ann Estelle size.
    10. It's funny - the Dollzone BB definitely looks chubbier than YoSD but I have YoSD as having the same measurements as Dollzone BB male (male has the larger hips).


      Both Junkyspot and Edendoll have the Bb doll measurements I have, and DoA's own measurement FAQ has the YoSD measurements I used.

      If someone in this thread has a Dollzone BB, I would appreciate a check on the measurements (chest, waist, hips).

      And BTW - this is the exisitng thread about DOllzone BB dolls:

      And BTW 2! If you are in the US, don't pay overseas shipping prices for a Dollzone. Buy or preorder from http://www.junkyspot.com/ (lowest cost and shipping) or http://www.featherfall.ca/ (slightly higher price and higher shipping but I think they may still be giving a free random kimono with each doll). Featherfall also is selling a couple of unpainted ones (with Kimono I think) in the Marketplace, but I see you do not have full access to the Marketplace yet (you need 25 days and 4 meaningful posts to be able to buy/sell in the Marketplace).

    11. Your measurements are correct, Carolyn. The size difference is in the length of the torso-the boys torso is about 1 cm longer than the girls.

      I got both my Dz BBs from Denver Doll Emporium, and the shipping was superfast.
    12. Thanks - did you check the chest-waist-hips ? It just seems odd that they could look chubbier than YoSD yet have the exact same measurements.

    13. I just rechecked the measurements on my Ani:
      chest 14.6 cm
      waist 13.5 cm
      hips 14.8 cm

      the boy's hips measured the same as the girl.
      here is a picture of the bodies together:

    14. Did you measure the waist around that narrowest part? If so, I will change it in my chart.

      Their waist is stated as 13cm (same as Yo) so if they are 13.5 around the slimmest part of the waist that could make some YoSD clothes not fit (non-stretch things with waists).

    15. Yes I did..and I used my metric tape measure and my regular one just to be sure.
    16. Thanks! - will change in the chart.

    17. Hey all! So update time: Meggilu has Nazara and is starting on her faceup. However, I'm torn between another Choco or Yogr head for her big brother Dyson. Can I please see some Yogr spam?