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DollZone Chen-Asura Discussion

Mar 28, 2010

    1. Dollzone make another cutie :aheartbea I'm really curious what are you thing about this mold?

      So far I can tell he's got wonderful colours and wings~ Also he's wig is amazing long XD maybe I'll buy him some day...

    2. I am not sure he will be available to buy...I think he was just a one-off for a doll convention in China.
      Either way, it is just the original Chen headsculpt...and it looks like he has one of the new jointed 'claw armor' hands they recently came out with for a limited period.
    3. I just saw him for the first time too! :o He's a stunner... Those wings are awesome, and I love the outfit. Sadly, as Acanthiel said in the post above, it looks like he was a one-time/OOAK edition of Chen issued specifically for the Guangzhou Convention in Feb 2010. :(
    4. I love that oufit and wig the most, I have Chen and that wig would look so awesome on mine, too bad he is a one off, I'm sure someone would love to have him.
    5. Resurrecting thread.
      He's available now, today at DZ dealers.
      And yes, the Chen model is to die for. Yummmmm.