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Dollzone Christmas Promotion starts on 25th October

Oct 24, 2007

    1. Hi All,

      Dollzone begins it's Christmas promotion on the 25th of October and it will run until the 25th of December.

      This year, they are offering two pet dolls, a bunny and a fox.

      There are conditions. First of all, they are only available if the total of your order of DZ products exceeds $400 to get your choice of one free or $800.00 to get both. Shipping is excluded from the total

      [Edit - there is now no requirement to purchase a doll, just DZ products in general]

      The pets are nude, faceup and clothing cost extra (the faceup which including blushing head to toe costs $50.00 and either set of clothes cost $28.00) and Dollzone have decided that these can count towards the total.

      They are 16cm tall.

      There are the usual four resin colours, Tan will cost you though, it's $20.00 for tan which can be added to your total.

      There is a discussion thread for them and the new boys here http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=172667

      Teaser pics


    2. add: actually one is bunny the other is a fox lol according the wording
    3. Do we have to buy through the Doll-zone.com website to qualify?
    4. Nope, through any Dollzone agent is fine.

      There is a big discussion thread if you click on the link in the first post which should answer most questions. :)
    5. What are "the usual four resin colors?" Normal, white, tan, and... ?

    6. Dollzone split normal into two types, "Normal Pink" and "Normal Yellow"
    7. Do we know if they have taaaiiilllsss? If that fox has a foxy resin tail...I am so in love.
    8. Sorry, no tails...

      Pic of the tush. ;)