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Dollzone dealer in USA

Sep 1, 2006

    1. Just got word that Emory of Junky Spot will soon be carrying Dollzone dolls!!

      His first order will be coming in soon!!! Yeaaahh!!! way to go Emory!!
    2. do these guys have a link so that i too can order from them in the future!!
    3. It's junkyspot.com ^_^ they also sell rainydolls, DIM, and maybe Souldolls(I don't remember though)
    4. Thanks Catdancer!
      lol, yes, expecting our first shipment hooopefully next week already...will be getting a new Dollzone section of our website ready this weekend.

      the thing that keeels me is that I'm also expect another SoulDoll shipment (with their new Marvin doll, and Vivi!) also next week...and a DimDoll shipment with their limited Rainy2006, and an Obitsu shipment...all in the same week...doing inventory is going to be the death of me.

      Oh, btw...we also got our first shipment of MSC in, if anyone's looking.

    5. Boy bodies?????
    6. nopes, just full dolls to start with, i'll be picking up heads and accessories and etc next order.
    7. Hmm..I *think* I have a tan doll coming, I'll have to check...lol!
    8. Will you be getting any blank dolls?
      I see that most of the dolls in your shop come with face ups, I'm not sure I want a default face up,
      but I do want a white Mo!:lol:

      You do accept non-credit card payments right?
      That would be just so perfect for me!

    9. The first shipment arrived, basically it was all full faceup dolls, most in both white and regular fleshtone.

      You can view them on our website at http://www.junkyspot.com (go to the doll portion of the website)

      70cm: Yuu, Ying, Wing, Cloud.
      note: Our Wing does not come with the huge forehead tattoo...I'll update the website with pictures in a few, he's sooo much prettier, lol!

      44cm: Shoyo, TinTan, Mo, Megi

      clothing and accessories: some, but it'll take a little while for me to update the website.

      We are now accepting preorders and layaways preorders for our next order until 09.14.2006 You can preorder anything dollzone, specify a faceup and etc.
      You can put a deposit down, you can start a layaway preorder.
      You can do a preorder payment for the full amount of a doll and get free shipping if you are in the US.

      Full details regarding Preorders and Layaways for this next shipment can be found here: