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Update Dollzone discontinues tan skin dolls and parts

Aug 30, 2011

    1. Got this email this morning:
    2. Does this mean Linlan is going to be discontinued? To my knowledge she only comes in tan.
    3. maybe you can choose other skin?
    4. All Dollzone dolls are available in all their colours. You tell them which you want when you order. Obviously now tan skin will not be an option unless it's old stock.
    5. Do we have until Sept 15 to order though?
    6. Does anyone know if it is a permanent discontinuation or is it just a batch that went bad and they are needing to redo due to climate or something? Cause this is gonna make me really sad.
    7. I'm assuming since it said "we have made a decision for stop selling any dolls and accessories in Tan skin from 15-Sep-2011" it means that they're halting the sales all together, and it wasn't just a bad batch. It's up on the DZ website in their news feed.
    8. well ,the decision is Temporary,for now,if there's any news, we will inform all of our clients and people whos loves DZ dolls.Thanks for your loving ^ ^
    9. The doll can be bought in other skins *but* the full set only comes in Tan. However, with this new information it is possible that they'll update their full set for all colors. Yuu, Silver Fox full set is the same way.
    10. DZ told us that Yuu-2 and LinLan-2 will now be available in all colors with their FullSets. We haven't updated our listings yet but we'll be sure to this week.

      Customers who would like to order anything in Tan skin from MoC need to do so by September 13th, as that is the date of our next scheduled order submission with DZ.