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Dollzone Discontinuing Feng, Shuang, Xi and Yi Dolls

Feb 10, 2007

    1. I just received a notice from Dollzone that Feng, Shuang, Xi and Yi Dolls are indeed being discontinued from March 1st onwards.

      They can still be ordered before then, but make sure if you wanted one of those models to try and order it in the next couple of weeks!

      It's too bad, I own a Feng and love that mold. :(
    2. Excuse me I went to your page and I couldn't see the discontinued dolls... Do you sell them at all?
    3. No, but places like Laidoll.com, junkyspot.com and Doll-zone.com do, as do a handful of Ebay sellers.
    4. Se-chan, please don't answer for me, since you don't know what I have in stock, can order or not.


      I do, by specific order. If you go to the forums you can sign up for the preorder thread, and I can order them. As they are being discontinued agents are asked not to put them on their site.

      Se-chan is right in that some other sellers still have some on stock ( presumably) on their site; I believe Junky spot just got some Yis in, for instance. Not sure how many Laidoll has.

      At any rate, if you were interested in these molds, do find them - whether through me, Junkyspot or any of the other agents, in the next couple of weeks, or you might be out of luck. :(
    5. As I posted in other thread, talking with Dollzone China, Dollzone Spain have managed to get the last stock of the dolls Xi, Yi, Feng, and Shuang that are already discontinued now.
      If you like them, now it's your last chance to get them!

      For orders or more information, just write a mail to: info@dollzone.es