Dollzone Discussion ~ 60 and 70cm ~ Part VIII

Aug 1, 2018

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    2. oh my gosh she's absolutely gorgeous!! :D
    3. They are pretty weird but enticing as well, though I can't see getting one (them?) myself.
    4. I'd love to get the open eyed head w/horns but have no interest in the rest of it (maybe the hands). I'll just wait and see if any happen to pop up on the MP later, not that I need another floating head XD
    5. Ooh that's really creepy! I love it! :D Though money does not grow on trees...perhaps one day.
    6. I'm honestly tempted. They'd function more like curios then dolls, if that makes any sense.
    7. [​IMG]
      New thread spam (even though the picture isn't new >> )
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    8. Oh yay, new thread! :)
      Val is awesome <3

      In contribution to the new thread spam, here's Azrael is his amazing new suit! :D

      [​IMG]WP_20180816_09_55_51_Rich by Liz, on Flickr
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    9. I don't have any new ones either, but here is Rook!
      [​IMG]P8090504 by Heather, on Flickr
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    10. Ahhh gorgeous! :) his hand tattoos are so cool.
    11. Wow, I said I'd post Pictures in July, and here I am now....


      This is Grim, who it the reason my girlfriend never gets to name the reapers anymore. (Grim... the reaper...) and he is a yellowed Soon Gluino mechanical Vampire head on a Dollzone Gene body
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    12. As well, and I'm so sorry about the spam, the gene head he took over for got a new body


      This is Euphony, who was named in a grade ten English class. He goes by E most of the time, cause he thinks the name his dad gave him is way more pretentious than he wants to be.... I need to redo his wig, cause I made it when he was a Raymond head, and Gene's head is smaller... He's on the DC a-04 body in their old white, so the resin match is workable but not perfect
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    13. New thread spam!


      I promised Talon that I'd blush his claws, but that hasn't happened. He's very cross with me.
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    14. First page photo spam - Dream is still hanging around.
      [​IMG]Sandman 1 by SteamWitch, on Flickr (Leslie)
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    15. I just placed an order for the new guy, Dollzone YuHan. Looking forward to having finally a guy that will work with my slender DT Elf girls.
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    16. So - I have a Dollzone NB58-001 body and I knew he'd be a bit slim, but I didn't completely anticipate that this might lead to some difficulties with buying clothes.

      I was mostly wondering if 2cm variation in hips is acceptable for pants, or if I should find/request shops that tailor given it's such a finicky, small difference? He's my first SD, so I'm not sure where the line is drawn at this scale.

      It should be noted I can't sew - I have tried, and my pain disorder puts me in a world of hurt for It. I reeeeally don't think making and modding doll clothes is something I should stake my comfort for literal days over.

    17. Silfe wants to know where everyone went???

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    18. Okay, so I have a special edition SD Mo head on layaway and I can't find his measurements or get any sense of what body(ies) would work best. Any information would be helpful!
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    19. Guys.... I'm way too anxious right now...

      Carol from Angelesque received all her DC/DZ orders from March, April (I have my wife's twins in that one), May, and some of June (also got an order in there) in and I'm at the edge of my seat to see if some of my stuff was included in the June order. I don't want to get my hopes up honestly, buuuuuut.... I'm still hopeful.

      As for the April order, they are for my wife, so Mel and Val will both get their husbands (who are twins), and in June Val and Tar will get their daughter XD
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