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Dollzone European Webpage

Apr 7, 2007

    1. Dollzone Spain has opened their webpage at http://www.dollzone.es to be the official spanish agent of Dollzone in Spain, and the first of Europe.

      Now they are selling products to the whole world and specially to Europe, from Spain.

      The advantages of this page is:
      - A lot faster to browse
      - Prizes are in euros (for Europe)
      - It is in Spanish and English
      - It's official from Dollzone
    2. Dollzone Spain is selling this great 58 kinds handmade food:

      Food from Tarus Art Food are available in all sizes (SD, MSD and YoSD), and it's sold only in Dollzone Spain.
      And even if there are 58 kinds of food, if you want another plate, but it's not available, just ask us for it, and we will manage it for you ^_^ (i.e. spaghetti, meat or something...)

      More information in www.dollzone.es
    3. They're beautiful, will definately be ordering some as soon as I can afford it. Can I just ask though, is the food removable from the plate or is it stuck on?
    4. It is removable. In fact, you can choose if you want to buy the food with or without plate :)