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Dollzone Fairy limited head Discussion

Jun 2, 2011

    1. Discussion thread for -

      Dollzone Fairy head --- only available during 8-June-2011 to 15-June-2011

      Arthur head : http://www.doll-zone.com/pro_detail.asp?id=862

      Caesar head : http://www.doll-zone.com/pro_detail.asp?id=863

      Event link: http://www.doll-zone.com/news_detail.asp?id=58

      Hello i started this thread as i know we all have alot of questions about these beautiful heads so please ask away!!

      my main question is about the ears, we know that they are changeable but do you get human ears too? so that you have choice out of the fairy ears and then the human style?
    2. Yay, discussion thread! I want these two bad!

      "Will these heads be available through the usual dealers, or only through DollZone directly?" For MintOnCard, their news page states that they will put the heads up for sale on the 7th, the day before Dollzone starts taking orders for them.

      Questions that still need to be answered:

      "Is it possible to purchase both sets of ears for one head?"

      "What is the size of the neck hole. I couldn't find it on the site.
      I am wondering if these heads would fit on the new DC 70cm bodies."

      "Do you have any pictures of the heads on a body? I know the heads are supposed to fit the 70cm body, but I would also be interested in seeing them on the 72cm and 65cm bodies, if possible."

      "How could I order on Dollzone?
      Want to see the heads on a body or only with eyes." I believe for Dollzone, you email them, but you can also get them from MintonCard starting on June 8th.
    3. I want the Arthur head so bad! I just wish we could get more shots/angles of the face.
    4. I want the Arthur head so bad! I wonder if there will be pics of the head on a body and I wish I knew how it would look on a 65cm body rather than the 70cm. Because I could either buy the head outright or put the head along with a body on layaway at MoC and I would like to know what size to reach for.

      Can their regular 70cm heads go on the 65cm body? Anyone know that?
    5. I want to know if the heads would fit a 72cm body. :/
    6. That's why I'm hoping to know if it's their standard SD-sized head. If so, yes, it would fit the 72cm body. I got my Wing-2 on the 72cm body and it works just perfectly. Hopefully we get more information. Especially since I would like to order the body and head together so I don't procrastinate.

      Also, another question: Can the male SD heads fit onto the female bodies? I don't know, I keep wanting to make the Arthur head a very interesting looking woman.
    7. i love the ears! i may jsut buy a head and mod one of my boys so they would work on him..... i hate his ears....
    8. If the heads are suppose to go on the 70cm body then I'm going to assume that the neck hole is 9.5cm considering that's how big the neck is on the newer 70cm body.

      The head should also be able to fit on the 72cm body considering in actuality there's only a .5cm height difference between the new 70cm and 72cm body.

      It looks like you can choose which ear set you want for each head so they might let you buy both ear sets.

      But yes those ears are awesome.
    9. I am loving the Arther Head so very much. His ears make me thing of one of the Fairies from "Ocarina or Time" or one of the deities in "Final Fantasy". I have a bad, bad feeling I will be going on a six month layaway for this head. Just so I can switch it out with my Dollzone Normal Skin Pink Yuu's body every so often.
    10. I emailed DZ about layaway, and they won't accept layaway for the heads :(
    11. Guess this means no doll head for me. T_T Bugger.
    12. Is it because of the price or what? Because that sucks! Oh well, maybe I'll have to miss out on this. As it was, I get paid right on the 15th so there was a chance I'd miss out anyway. :-/
    13. Perhaps one of the dealers will accept layaway for the heads.
    14. the heads are up for sale!

      i cant see any updates on the photos which is a shame!
    15. Mint on Card does. *sorely tempted*
    16. Welp, I just went on Layaway for Arthur on Mint on Card. I'm getting the Angelic Fairy ears for him aka Fairy Ear A. Turns out you can choose which Fairy ears you want on the molds, which is pretty neat! Now I just have to save up for a Normal Skin Pink body for him! XD I am so excited!
    17. I wonder if anyone received any of these lovely heads yet? 8D
    18. Lucky! I couldn't nab him when orders were open, but I'll definitely be looking out for an Arthur... he's gorgeous!
    19. Does anyone have pictures of their DZ Fairy heads with face ups?