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Dollzone Flower Fairy 14cm Discussion Part 1

Oct 30, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Is she cute?

      I like her hands(?)

      here's the link~http://www.dzdoll.com/pro_detail.asp?id=710

      But it's came out as a gift if buy a normal doll and price should be over XXX(sorry i dont konwT.T),

      from 1st Nov to 31st Dec~~A Christmas gift~~

      ....mod notes....

      This is a discussion of Dollzone Tiny Fairy 16cm doll. Looks like a Flower.

      Company Website: www.doll-zone.com

      DoA Wiki DollZone: Dollzone - DoA BJD Wiki | Den of Angels

      Dollzone Flower Fairy 16cm Discussion Part 1:

      Model: Fairies
      Height: 14cm
      Eyes: 6mm
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    2. Im completely in love with her too! :D
      I dont know if I actually really even care for any of their other dolls though. :(
      Heres to hoping for splits!

      I wonder what sort of clothing would look good on them?
    3. I got the Fairy on February 14th ~ nice timing. :lol:
      It will be probably the most durable Valentine flower I will ever get; and definitely the cutest one.


      Would be nice if Dollzone make more kinds of flower dolls.
    4. I'm actually really interested in this doll! They're so delightfully eccentric - not like anything I've ever seen before. I have a few questions, though!

      Can anyone tell me how well they balance? They look like they would be incredibly top-heavy, but do the arms help at all with that?
      And I've seen one in yellow as well - do they come in any other colors? I'd like to get a white one, but I've never done any type of painting/airbrushing/any type of customization on any type of doll EVER, and I'm afraid I'd probably botch it up!
    5. Definitely worth having if you like anthros, Kodi. :)

      If you use the fairy ‘hands’ (at least one of them), there is no problem with the balance, it's actually very stable.
      On the other hands, making it stand without its hands support, i.e. only standing on the legs, you will need a lot of patience and it will be a very fragile balance.


      Mine is normal pink color. According to the DZ website, they come in white, normal pink, and normal yellow. If you want a comparison between normal pink and white color, you can see my photo here, where I have DZ fairy normal pink with DZ Momo white.
      The white is creamy white, not paper white.

      I’d like to see some other fairies’ photos, there must be some of them by now. Especially those with non default face-ups. Actually mine was supposed to be normal pink blank, but I’ve got it with the face-up. Not that I’m complaining! It’s really nicely done.
    6. I was lucky enough to buy a white one from another doll owner here on DoA. I have yet to paint her, but I'll be sure to post a pic once I do!

      UPDATE: I had a chance to blush my little Flower Fairie I've named Charlotte. Its my first full-doll blushing. I think she turned out well.

    7. Does anyone know her eye size?
    8. I believe they are a 6. I'd appreciate it if someone could varify this.
    9. I just found out about this tread. I love my fairy girl. I got her in white skin and did the blushing myself. Turned out pretty girl and I am not sure if she will have eyebrows. I have not done them until I decide if she needs them. I will make a little dress but who knows when that will be. In the to do file.

      DZ Fairy 030 frame by ShashyW, on Flickr
    10. The previous DOLLZONE Tinies! thread was closed, let's continue here ? :)

      Haven't seen Fairies around for a while; Laurent the Spring spirit in my friends' garden:

    11. Congrats, Dezarii, share some photos when you get her/him.
      The eyes are 6mm.

      @Fairy Milliner: Sabi looks really relaxed there. I like the outfit, still haven't decided if I want Laurent naked or dressed. She is a spirit, so being naked is maybe more natural for her? But I like those tiny outfits...

      And here Laurent in her element:
    12. Tsukasa - she's darling... I like them both nude and with clothing, it was hard to decide. I like the outfit I finally made him, though - but it's a pain to dress him.

      I got Sabi some new 6mm Glib eyes and they're great - they show almost no white at all, though. The new ones I got are brighter, they come with dark blue glass eyes which don't show well in pictures.
      The hardest part is getting them to sit right, inside that tiny head - with the 'petals' it's really deep and you just don't see what you're doing...
    13. Hello! It is a pity that so long ago nobody was showing his roses ... Let's continue;)?

      I have two rosettes - boy and girl. Girl at the moment makes makeup in another city. Let us introduce to you my boy - Lothanu.

    14. In this House he lives

    15. Tried on pants and shoes puki-puki;)

    16. olviya very cute idea on his house. I like it. I loved these dolls when I got mine and still do. I now have the big DZ Anson flower girl, so I must take a picture of them together and put it here.
    17. Shashy, ​thank you!
      Really want to see your new photo:aheartbea! Anson-is very beautiful, but too big for me:sorry...
    18. Olviya - Your doll is so cute in his house, I don't think I've seen the top of the flower fairies before.:D
      I really like the eyelashes too.

      I remember seeing these dolls when they first came out, and I wasn't interested but now I think they are the cutest things ever.:aheartbea
    19. I just got a surprise flower baby and I can't wait until I have time to blush her! I'm thinking about making her either a little stripey like a tulip or spotted like a lily. Quick question though.. her knees are kind of snappy and I'm wondering if she needs to be loosened. But she's so tiny I don't want to do that unless it's really necessary. How difficult is it on a small doll like her? I also need to suede her but I've sueded small dolls before so I'm not too worried about that part. I'm so excited!