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Dollzone Floy Discussion

Sep 16, 2008

    1. Welcome! We are here to talk about Floy, a 60 cm doll from Dollzone. We are open to discussions about modifications, clothes brands that fit, problems you have encountered, places to order from, anything relating to Floy. Limiteds are welcome, as well!

      Floy does not get enough exposure, and we hope to correct that. He's a beautiful doll, that does not get the credit he deserves. I personally own a elf ear Floy, named Chaos, and I hope to get clothes and a faceup for him soon. Until then, I'm afraid this is his only photoshoot: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=243689#post3709215

      I ordered him from The Junkyspot, and I gotta say, I love Junkyspot! This is the second doll I've ordered from them, and they always deliver on time, and give so many extra goodies (check the photoshoot for a pic of the goodies they gave me). And they pack him so well, which is a good thing, because if you check out the condition of the box, obviously UPS can't read "Fragile."
    2. Three Cheers for FLOYS!!:cheer

      The arrival of your boy really made me anxious for my Floy-Cat to arrive :)

      How does he sit? Well I hope.

      I've got an order with Junkyspot for a different doll and have heard of their good service and swag so I'm relieved.

      My Floy though, is coming from a Canadian distributor ~ I have discovered that it's one way to avoid the provincial taxes which I'd not counted on when I purchased from the States. I don't mind the Canadian customs..I accept it as a part of life and it's tacked onto the Featherfall dolls but gah...that extra $35 out of the blue made me ill.:ablah:

      So my advice to Canucks looking for a Floy...if you are not in B.C. ('cause then the PST kicks in)...choose Featherfall :)

      ANYway ~ about your Chaos, are you going to do the faceup yourself?
    3. No, I'm not doing the faceup myself - no practice, no experience. I'de rather send the head off and pay someone to have it "professionally" done. As for sitting/standing - I haven't had him out long (stupid 10 hour work shifts) but he does this odd thing when he sits that makes me giggle. If he sits on a ledge or chair with his feet dangling, he always poses his knees together and his ankles apart. Of course, I can re-pose them anyway I want, but that just seems to be his natural movement, almost like he's bashful that he has no pants on. Standing... that experiement didn't go over very well, but he has no shoes, and I really didn't have enough time to work with him standing. Also, when he sits, he does best when leaning back on something. He doesn't want to "slouch" like my mini DZ. He has a torso joint to enable him to slouch, but I think he might be a little to tightly strung. Or, I might be handling him to gently, as he's new and all. ;)
    4. hey another dz floy owner here ^____^ however he isnt on a body anymore ^^ the head didnt suit his character >.< i modded his ears and im now thinking of modding his lips so there less pouty and giving him a scar over his eye ^^ hes not gonna look like a floy at all >.<
    5. Ooh, neat! How doe his ears look, do you have pictures? Yeah, his lips are really pouty, but I like that about him. ;) Give us some pics of your mods, I'm always curious how different molds look after people modify them.
    6. ShiverBug ~ heh....my Kohl (hid) is find at standing but Willow (shoyo) is too tight and right kicky. I've become quite fearless at poping her head now to change eyes/ears and wigs so the next step will be probably to pull her apart and restring (is that the word??) her...because Kulta (floy) is sure to arrive wanting to curl-up like a pillbug.:|

      lorddamian ~ oh like ShiverBug I too want to see that modded Floy head:ablink: ~ a floy is a floy no matter how much an owner tries to change him :)
    7. Gaahhh, I'm actually considering getting a Floy xD

      Me and my indecisive-ness. I might just have to stick with Sapphira, though, seeing as funds are hard to come by at the moment ^-^'
    8. Here is kind of an odd question, but I am ordering an outfit for Chaos, and they sell the outfit in several sizes to fit different Large dolls - however, none of their sizes are Dollzone. So, does anyone know if Floy is a closer match with SD Long Leg, SD Normal Leg, SD16, Luts Delf, or Hound? I don't even recognise some of these doll titles. :?
    9. Hound would be way too big, it's a 70cm class doll if I have my info right. SD16 and SD Long Leg would more then likely be to big as well. I'd say go with Luts Delf size (I've bought that size before and it fits well enough on my Floy). You could try the SD Normal Leg as well that would probably work but I'm not 100% positive.
    10. Thanks Tadase, that was very helpful. :) I'll tell the seller Luts Delf - if it doesn't fit my Chaos, I plan on buying an El in a few weeks, and it will fit him. I'll let you guys know how well it fits when it comes in. Oh, and love your avatar.
    11. WOW I am going to try and save for a Floy but I wanted to know what he looked like ( I don't trust sellers pictures much). This was way helpful and I'm totally in love now.
    12. I'm getting a Floy soon (Around January or February) I LOVE that face of his! :love I can't wait!
    13. If you want, you can look at my box opening pics, you can see what Floy looks like without a face-up. I always wish that companies would supply pictures of their dolls without faceups.

      Also, I got a Monique wig for Chaos, a size 9-10, and I'm slightly disappointed. It's very loose, I'm going to need something to keep it stable. I guess I'm just used to how fitting Monique wigs are on my MNF.
    14. ShiverBug ~
      I still swear by the silicon wig caps (laurebelle) that my guys wear. There is ZERO slippage with those on and both wear Jpopdoll wigs ...easy to use, easy to trim to the exact shape you need, washable and they keep the hair from staining the head. Love'm :)

      I have bought them directly from her, the shipping is VERY reasonable and I just got extras for my other dolls to come.

      And i wish more people would give him a try cause he has a very beautiful face :D

      I purchased my floy (limited edition) from http://stores.ebay.com.au/DollsSinging who is an official agent for dollzone.

      Its coming on to two months since he arrived , and i adore and spoil him to bits :whee:

      The body at first was rather unstable and could not stand on its own without toppling over :|, but now he can stand for long periods on his own , makes mommy sooooooooo proud! :)

      Picture of my boy Xavier

    16. OH Sweetchan, he's SO GORGEOUS!!:D

      I love seeing him with different looks than those seen on the DZ site!

      Thanks for sharing him with us...really like seeing him with dark hair.

      What colour is his resin? I ordered my Floycat natural yellow so I enjoy seeing the different skintones.:)
    17. Sweetchan, he's such a cutey! What's his skin tone? I think mine is a normal pink - it only read NS on the Junkyspot wesite. Is his a default faceup?
    18. Shiverbug ~ wehn you ordered your Floy he wasn't in stock, correct? Was any other colour listed on Junkyspot?

      I know when I ordered my Floycat from Featherfall that they don't list normal yellow but when I asked them, they told me just to make a notation of it in the comments when I was placing the order.

      I really want to see all these floys with their skin tones for comparison :)
    19. The Floy I ordered was in stock, the fullset was out of stock, until I placed my order! It was like 3 days after the money went through they came back out with the fullset. :| But thats ok, I guess, I heard one girl saying that the clothes that came with the fullset stained her Floy real bad. Why would they sell clothes with a doll that would stain it? Makes no sence to me.
    20. ShiverBug ~ ,
      I'd also read after I ordered my WHITE Hid (shakes head) that the black faux leather stains. I immediately ordered MSC but then decided after reading others having trouble with any of the DZ black leatherlike clothing that there were problems so I just have left it in the bag, ordered him socks, underwear other clothes and shoes....

      Like yourself I have NO idea why they would do that either but then I haven't heard good things about black or read clothing of ANY make or model. I've seen dolls with sock stripes running the length of their legs ...so then I swore NO patterned stockings ever!

      *paranoid much??*

      I AM very annoyed with sooo many of these clothes leaning so heavily on the dark colours ...it's easy not to spend the money on such things when I live in fear they will ruin my doll :sigh