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Dollzone furniture

Dec 26, 2007

    1. Hello.

      Dollzone presents its new furniture collection, opening it with 11 kinds of sofa.

      Moreover, there is a promotion until last day of February, where you can get a 15 € discount in each sofa (already applied to the price).

      All photos and more info here

    2. Other Dollzone dealers like Junkyspot and Moggie will be getting these, won't they?
    3. We all will, it's just a matter of updating sites with new products. It takes some of us a little longer especially this time of year. :)

      The notice about them only went out just before Christmas. They are meant to be on sale from January 1 and the introductory price will run until March 1st.
    4. Are they all MSD size? And do you know, if in the future, they will release other types and sizes?
    5. What's the cost in American Dollers? ^^'
    6. According to the DZ website, the promo price is $99. After that, they'll be $119.
    7. They are all 1/4 (MSD) sized. This is just the first lot so there might be more later on and in the larger size.

    8. So expensive?!? :? I wonder what they are made of.

    9. A combination of resin, wood, paint and fabric.