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Dollzone Hallowmas Limited Doll

Sep 30, 2009

    1. Hello everyone

      Dollzone will release 3 new doll and 1 outfit for Hallowmas...

      Officially release date:18/October/09

      Violeta-2 Hallowmas Limited Edition

      Price: US$699

      She is grey skin,limited quantity 50 sets in global world,only sell full-set!

      Body type:B58-002




      Price: US$393

      He is white skin,Body is double-jointed body B45-003,can sell nude doll,nude doll price US$240...


      Outfit can sell separately...price US$68...




      She is white skin...the body is double-jointed body...can sell nude doll,nude doll price US240...


      Outfit can sell separately...price US$68...

      Outfit C70-014

      Price: US$117


      The outfit suit for 70cm and 72cm doll...

    2. Hi, These are incredible!!! I have some questions;

      As there are only 50 of the limited edition Violetta how will they be released? Do we just buy through our local Dollzone dealer? How will these sets be distributed? Will there be some for each region worldwide?

      Are you going to be releasing more photos? There seems to be nothing on the Dollzone site yet.

      Thank You!!
    3. She is global limited...as soon as accept 50 sets order...then sold out....
    4. Violeta comes with hight heel feet as well?
    5. SWEET!!! are the msds limited?
    6. Violeta is SD size the other tow MSD.
    7. when do we get to see more pictures then?
    8. Is layaway accepted for LE Dollzone dolls? If so, what are the terms?
    9. Layaway would be up to your dealer and how they buy dolls when they set up the payments with you.

      The MSD dolls are not limited they are just being released at the same time as the LE SD.

      The LE is just available as a full set where as the MSD dolls are available as nude dolls or full set and also with the outfits seperately which is normal for DollZone dolls, This grey skin SD is only available in one colour with a full set.

      Hope this answers a few questions!

      Cheers Carol x

    10. You will see more pictures around 12/October....
    11. Hi and what about hight heeled feet, violeta comes whit?:)
    12. yes will come with high heeled feet...
    13. How do you view these dolls on the Dollzone website? I can't seem to find them anywhere.
    14. The dolls haven't been listed there yet. I think they will be added a bit closer to the releasing date.

    15. I suspect it's actually Dollzone who are selling the dolls on auction or at least someone who's selling them for them?
      A lot of companies do this as they don't have Japanese sites.
      If you think about it, the auction will probably end around the same time these dolls go on sale, so it's not unfair in anyway.
      The winners of the auctions won't be getting their dolls any earlier than those who order from the main site.
    16. The same auctions have now been put up on eBay US as well.