Dollzone hands on Resinsoul

May 24, 2023 at 4:15 PM

    1. I ordered some 1/4 Dollzone hands for my Resinsoul Ya, I’m making this thread to talk about it. The hands I ordered were in normal and my Ya (Lyre) is in dark tan. So I’ll also show the results of dying these hands.
      -Will these hands fit?
      -Will they dye well?
      -Will they look ok?
      Questions I hope to answer. The hands are out for delivery and I will be able to get them once I get home. Will update this thread once I have them.
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    2. Ok! The hands arrived safely. They are dollzone 1/4 hands in normal. They fit on my Resinsoul girl and getting those hands on was the hardest part of the process.

      I used my old dye mixture which I realized was a mistake. My old dye mix was the right color and had dishsoap, vinegar, water, and dye but it was tap water. I live in an area where there’s a lot of chlorine in the tap water. So if you’re going to dye BJD parts and have similar chlorine-filled water, use filtered water. So I dyed the hands and they are very warm toned, compared to ResinSoul’s cooler toned dark tan. But the dye had great coverage and is only a little splotchy.

      Lyre wears long sleeves so her slightly different hands aren’t too bad. She looks great. This was a success.
      You can
      -put dollzone hands on a Resinsoul body
      -Dye them (light to dark)
      -They look ok
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    3. This is definitely good information to know! Thank you for sharing this here. :thumbup
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