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Dollzone head and AOD body?

Aug 23, 2008

    1. I have a Dollzone Mo head..and was wondering if it would fit on an AOD boy's body. Has anyone ever tried this? Do the resins match well? (I got him with normal skin)
    2. I have sort of a reverse problem! I have a Abio Angel body and I would like to purchase a Dollzone girl head. I would like to know if the Dollzone head will work for my Abio Angel body..meaning..will it connect? Or does it need special connectors like the Luts heads? Would you be a doll and post a pic of the underside of your head? I would greatly appreciate it! My neck has a pretty normal sized opening with just an "S" hook to it. I am not at all concerned with resin matching too much. I just want to know, does it WORK! LOL. Thank you~ and I am sorry I was not able to answer you directly.;)
    3. AoD Normal Skin body with DZ Feilian NS head.
      No- I didn't do this, I just tried it for a friend who wanted to see the resin match, which was quite good.


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    4. Dollzone head on AOD boy body (both ns). Perfect match and fit.

    5. not trying to be a pain, but
      which ns?
      pink or yellow for both AOD and DZ?
    6. I would love to know if anyone has a Normal Yellow skin comparison between Dollzone and AOD ... and if possible a normal skin Minifee.

      I'm pretty new with BJDs and I have recently purchased a normal skin minifee sleeping shushu head. I had read that Dollzone resin normally matches well ... but my normal pink skin boy is too pink for the minifee skin. I had heard also heard that AOD were close to Dollzone. Unfortunately, yellow skin comparisons seem to be few and far between. :(
    7. I know this is old, but...

      Can't help with AOD, but Minifee resin matches Dollzone's normal yellow. My Shiwoo Kale and Seorin Kestrel are sharing a Dollzone NS-Yellow body. It also matches my Shushu head.
    8. i think this normal skin is a pink one and not a yellow one :)
    9. Up for this topic! I can't see the pictures anymore of some comparison...
      I would like to know if Dollzone Mo head 's normal skin , match the AOD dolls's body skin and shape? (old body http://www.aoddoll.net/goods.php?id=156 not the new one)

      I hope I can see some comparison also of head dollzone mo normal skin with other bodies!
      Thank you :)
    10. for the shapes I think it should work
      (my aods are just 60cm so i can't check)
      is your dz head new or older? because dollzone resincolors change a lot
    11. I still have to buy it XD dollzone... Im just seeing which body could match to make my hybrid, but I think i found a solution, probably I'll get both head and body from migidoll, so I will have no problems to match head's , proportion and other little things... and migidoll body is beautiful! The only think is that they have expensive shipping costs...><
      But i wonder.. there's here on doa a gallery dedicated just to Migidoll sun? He's awasome! Wish to see more custom pictures not just the ones on the website! :)
    12. mhm
      i think from the porportions it will figure out
      I can ask my penpal...he has both dz and AOD in msd size but just a dz body and a AOD head...but if that works it will work the other way round too... i think
    13. Ok, guys,... I think I prefer Migidoll body... I don't know, it looks more with muscles very well sculped and the lines looks to me more 'morbid' compared dollzone or AOD , that the bodies seems more 'rigid', I don' t know how to say in English ><