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Dollzone in Germany - the shop works now

Apr 4, 2007

    1. While I gave a first information a few days ago - now, everything is ready.
      I had to build a complete new shop, but I think, it looks and works fine. All information are english now also. This was the biggest missing with the older one.
      At this time, I offer Dollzone dolls, outfits and shoes. With wigs, I´ll have a sample first - so, I can see the size and quality.
      Thank you for reading, and hopefully you´ll have a look at my shop and enjoy

    2. Double posting; I´m pardon this! But not everybody is able to read the market-place

      Next to Doll-Zone, Elfdoll is availible for (pre-) order also

      If you´re in Europe and you´re looking for this dolls, maybe you´ll have a look at my new shop :-)

      Some words about my Elfdoll price, because they´ll look high(er):

      I sell K and Red with face-up for € 479,00 including Vat.
      Elfdoll sells them for $545 = 419,22 incl. shipping.
      No custom + vat = cheaper
      but with custom + vat, round 4.7% custom + 19% vat = ~ € 522

      I´ll be happy if you visit my shop