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DollZone Introduces 70cm Dolls

Jun 27, 2006

    1. DollZone Large Dolls will come soon!!!!
      There will be 4 boys.
      There is some trouble with body, so I could only post some picture first.

      I hope you could love them!!

      two faces of them (preliminary announcement)



      I have no idea when DollZone will sell them.
      When DZ sell them, I will tell you as soon as possible.
    2. Nice~! I'm lovin' the schnoozes on these guys. Beautiful, and I can't wait to see more. ^_^
    3. =) kewl. Alrighty.

      I wonder how much they'll go for. I'm kind of excited at the prospect, too.
    4. Love the sneer! :D I can see him possibly as Sephiroth...
    5. :o
      a Dollzone ELF
      OMG I love him
    6. They're pretty. But wow, first thing I thought was "Boy are they pissed" lol I am loving the first one, he looks sooo evil :D
    7. They remind me of the Elysium heads a little but more elfish
    8. I heard they get around 420 usd.
    9. Want.
    10. Sweet~!
      I'm looking forward to seeing the other 2 heads and the body (once it's worked out)
    11. Noooooo!!!!!
      Not Elves!
      I have no room!
    12. Wow I love the elf mold and the first one makes me think of Sephiroth. O.O I hope they do fix the bodies up soon. I never ordered from them... is it hard?
    13. I'm definitely making a Sephiroth out of one of these. Probably the elf ear one since I love elf ears. I've been purposefully keeping my eye out for a taller boy for making a Seph. My pretty-boy El is just a bit TOO pretty for the job sometimes I think. I've also heard these boys are going to be 70cm not 60cm.
    14. Hello everyone!
      You can get more information when they released formally by DollZone official.
    15. Oh, Change, you are SO BAD for my wallet!

      Finally, another 70cm doll as an alternative to the DollShe!

      The Elf is wonderful!

      I will be curious to find out how clothing will work for these fellows. Will DollShe clothing work or will the DollZone bodies be too broad to squeeze into those skinny DollShe clothes?
    16. Ooh, yes, come to mama, sweet elf boy-o! >D I have waited for such as thee for looong... <3
    17. They're so striking! I love their noses, and it's good to see some PO'ed looking dolls. :D
    18. Oooh, I can't wait to see more. I do love the elf. Oooh, boy~ They are striking!
    19. ACK!!!! I found him!! The third member of my perfect Three-some!!

      Yes! So when are tehy going to on sale?
      Are they limited? I hope not.
    20. oh yeah DZ's new boys are wonderful~~~ I like first more than ELF~