Update [DollZone] July 2020 Discontinuation

Jul 7, 2020

    1. [​IMG]
      A sudden and somewhat last minute notice from DollZone about another wave of discontinuations! :o

      This time, a bunch of beloved sculpts are going away, including their iconic Carter sculpt. They are available through this month (July 2020) and will be going away after the 31st.

      As always, our flexible and super long layaways are here to help with your planning. :D Longer than 12 months is possible for larger orders. :chibi

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    2. Only in peach, pink and white? We can get grey right?
    3. Gray is available, yes. :) If it's missing from any particular doll's skin color options, please let us know. In some cases with DZ dolls, gray might not be available, but it should be for most if not all of these.
    4. Are they only discontinuing these head sculpts, or the bodies that go with them too?
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    5. Just the head sculpts. The bodies are still available for the foreseeable future.
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