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Dollzone Leo and Luna: How to get JUST the mini-bb dolls?

Jan 7, 2009

    1. I am in love with Leo and Luna but I am not interested in purchasing anything else from Dollzone. Anyone know how I might be able to order just these two little darlings?

      If not then I guess I'll just have to wait until someone who has two wants to sell 'em...
    2. There are several on the marketplace right now, one Luna and a couple of Leos I believe:D There's no way unfortunately to purchase them separately from Dollzone, only on the secondhand market. Take a look at the DoA marketplace once you have enough posts^^
    3. You can't order them. Dollzone generally doesn't make its Christmas dolls available for separate order. You need to buy them on the marketplace from someone who put in a big enough order to get them and then sells them.
    4. Thank you for your responses! Sadly I don't yet have access to the DoA marketplace, but I'm glad to hear that people are selling them. Can I ask how much they're charging? I want to start saving my pennies so that when I DO have access I can buy 'em!!

      Thanks again!
    5. :D Glad to help! These little guys are going for roughly $170-$200ish and you should really have no trouble finding one when you can gain access to the marketplace. Some sellers are willing to do layaway, too so you can pay them in smaller amounts over a period of weeks or longer depending on the individual. Anyway, I wish you much luck finding one:)
    6. Or, another thing you could do (if you had a large enough sum of money saved up) would be to order a few dolls from DZ, enough to meet the requirements for Leo and Luna. Then keep Leo and Luna and then sell the others that you ordered. That way they'd be free, and you'd get all your money back eventually. <3 Or maybe you could hop on a Group Order and snag those guys before some one else does.
    7. JunkySpot is selling Leo at the moment.
    8. Denver doll emporium has both of them in stock for about $94.
    9. They do without face-up's though. I have a Luna on the way home now, should be here early next week. I got her from the marketplace ;)
    10. Actually they do have face-ups done, they have a white skinned leo with or without face-up in stock at the moment.
    11. you can buy them on Junkyspot and Denvour Doll Emporium!