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DollZone Leo / Luna Debate

Feb 22, 2010

    1. I've noticed many people don't like these molds (both of which I adore) and I was wondering... well... why? Why doesn't anyone like it? I've noticed quite a few on the marketplace and I was wondering. Is it the size? (because Puki's are smaller?) or is it the face? Or maybe the body, chunky-ish?

      I anyone is wondering the same thing as me or have any opinions on the matter, that'd be great.

      (if this is wrong section or not topic-safe feel free to delete MODS)
    2. mmmm I have a Leo and I LOVE him, some people I've spoken to though are not keen on their bodies for posing abilities but personally I have no problems with him!
    3. I almost got a Luna and I decided not to because I didn't like how restrictive the body seemed and that most Lati Yellow clothes would be too big for her.
    4. I have both; they're the only dolls I don't really sew for much (chunky, Pukifee sized bodies, bigger than my BBB Elfkin). . . Bought them both a few outfits and Luna looks good in a lot of the Barbie clothes (I think Lati Yellow clothes would be too small for her, not too big). They're a charming couple that don't fit in with any of my other dolls but they make me smile. I think Luna is particularly cute. Pukifee sized without spending Pukifee bucks on them. They aren't particularly poseable tho, this is true.
    5. For me the poseability is well worth the money :)
    6. I just wasn't sure. I bought mine not as a freebie, but from DenverDoll. So... I'm not quite sure.

      Though thanks everyone for the imput!!
    7. I just ordered the two little dears from Denver Doll and I'm super excited !! Clearly I'm a fan :sumomo:
    8. Oh yay! Very jealous on the Leo end but Luna's such a darling I hope you enjoy them!!
    9. I finally just got my Leo and I love him to death! he poses and stands like a dream! I was a bit surprised on his head size though he has such a bubble head! but that won't bother me when I finally get the wig I want for him! I am actually thinking about getting a Luna now, I'm not sure yet, I still have to pay off a layaway and get my head I have been drooling at forever! but Luna might be in my future soon!
    10. mmm Spampy made some clothes for my Leo and Lati Yellow tops fit aswell as some Lati yellow SP tops, I don't know about trousers/pants though. Bratz boys shorts are great as they look like trousers on the BB Mini's, PukiFee wigs fit their heads too!

      Also with the posing, Screaming Angel from here has managed to get him to stand on one foot, so they can't be that bad :D
    11. I have found Barbie clothes often fit my Luna. The short skirts and shorts are just perfect for her. Ken clothes are too big for Leo, however.
    12. I love my Leo! I am lucky cause he is a little copper dragon hatchling, and doesnt wear a wig or much in the way of clothing. BTW Liv doll wigs fit the leo really well and looked so cute. (boy he was not at all happy to be put in PINK hair! lol) the bodies actually pose alot better than they look like they would. I paid $100 for mine last christmas. One thing I will say about dollzone faceups, they are not only cute but they are very durable! I had to scrub for hours to get his faceup off for his redo!
    13. I just got Luna, and she's adorable! Style-wise, she doesn't really fit in with any of my other dolls, but she's so cute.

    14. I love my Leo, Touda. He has so much personality for such a little thing... his nickname is 'Pocket Trouble' for a reason. Yes, he has limited posability but that makes him perfect to be carried around by the bigger boys. And he can stand if you get creative (I've done nothing as far as sueding).

      Trying to steal Momiji's bunny, hence the name Pocket Trouble, and yes, he IS free-standing here, no stands or leaning against anything.
    15. My Leo and Luna stand well, sit well and their little bubble knees lock very nicely.
      my only gripe is luna's emo eyes.
      However I'm going to take some time to try and make her a touch more cheery.
      also, those long necks are perfect for moving their heads around on, and look pretty normal when clothing and wigs are added.
    16. Now together - Yolka and Pew
      Luna is also from the Marketplace here :)
    17. Bumping up the thread!

    18. She's here. To her own surprise she turned out to be the 'big girl' in the bunch:


      So, anyone else have some nice Luna/Leo spam?
    19. I personally really like Leo. I love how chubby his body is. The face is wo adorable too. Only wish he has no fang since I don't really like fantasy doll. Alsohe not really fit in Lati Y outfits and hard to find something for him to wear.
    20. I love your Leo face up. Very cute.