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Dollzone limited time Feilian, Shoyo and Floy

Jun 20, 2008

    1. Dollzone's new (nude and) fullset versions of Shoyo, Feilian and Flow have animal ears :aheartbea
      They are available for a limited time: from June 30th 2008 to August 30th 2008 from Dollzone agents.

      Feilian as Bunny:

      Shoyo as Cat:

    2. Are the ears magnetic?
    3. Are the dresses and Cat-ears only avaiable with the fullset or can I buy them extra?
    4. Dollzone: have four skin ( whiteskin,normal pink skin,normal yellow skin,tan skin) :)
    5. do they have regular ears too, or only the animal ears? I can't see ears in any of the pictures... ^_^;
    6. So to answer - the ears are NOT magnetic, here are photos:

      Since you asked -- here are the photos!

      And, the dolls are now up for ordering - we have them at FEATHERFALL too. ;)

      Here is how ears attach:


    7. Does the Shoyo and Feilian come with both bunny & cat ears? I've heard that somewhere but the official sites doesn't really say.
    8. Shoyo comes with the Cat ears and Fellian comes with the Rabbit ears. A Fellian was used for the pictures for both ears but they don't come with both ears.
    9. Actually we just got in a batch-- and though we'd been told they'd come with one or the other there seem to be a pair of each for each doll? ^^;; So, as far as we know ( at least for the ones currently in stock) apparently they have both!
    10. Just to be sure as well, they do have -human- ears as well, right? The heads in the picture do not even have spots where human ears would go...
    11. Actually, no they dont. They are completely earless, except for their animal ears. That was a bit of a shock, though you can't tell with a wig, to be honest. ;)
    12. Wow, that -is- a bit of a shock. I'll have to be sure to keep that in mind when I go wig/clothes shopping when I get mine. Alright, one last question then please, if it's not a bother. Are the wigs specially designed/cut for the wirecoils to go through them so that it wouldn't work with just any other wig?

    13. I believe all the ones we got just the blank dolls with faceups( the clothing wigs arrive in the next shipment), so I don't really know. I CAN take pics of two we have here where I drilled a hole to try them on different wigs,if you'd like to see. ;) What I found is that just about any wig will work BUT you will have to make a hole so the ears can be inserted through it.

    14. How big of a hole? Looking at the part that screws in it shouldn't be too big, right?
    15. Looking at the spring, you could most likely fit it in the gaps in the webbing of the wig cap on any fiber wig. You'd probably have to cut a hole for a fur wig, though.