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DollZone Moment and Anson discussion part 1

Oct 14, 2011

    1. I am so amazed by these new flower dolls (planthros, we've started calling them) that I had to start a thread. :3
      Aside from the sheer daring of casting those flower petals - I'm terribly curious about what process they are using for those - I love the rendering of the human parts. Hips on a boy body! So lovely!

      Here's Moment:

      And Anson:

      I'm really looking forward to seeing what members do with these dolls! I will have to enjoy them vicariously for now.

      ...mod note...

      Company website:

      DoA Wiki:
      Dollzone Moment - DoA BJD Wiki | Den of Angels
      Dollzone Anson - DoA BJD Wiki | Den of Angels

      Body comparison: Custom House JR Ai Marco (NS), Batchix Lagoon (WS), Dollzone Anson body (WS), Unoa 1.5 (NS), Batchix Gamma w/Epsilon head, Batchix Alpha

      How to String Arms Video:

      DollZone Moment and Anson discussion part 1:

      DollZone Moment and Anson discussion part 2:
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    2. Beautiful piece of work indeed; DZ (and DC) is showing that there are still a lot ways to go.
      Having DZ Fairy, I'm tempted by those two planthros as well. Maybe next year if I finally move out.

      Their 'preview' was displayed at DP6 in Hong Kong in July this year.
      Although their 'old style' dolls were not bad, I really like those 'new style' ones.

    3. They're tall mini sized dolls!

      Moment's webpage

      Height(Including head):53.5cm (not including head):40cm
      Neck size: 7.4cm
      Shoulder width: 7cm
      Arm length: 35cm
      Chest Size: 18cm
      Waist size: 15.5cm
      Hip size: 22cm
      Thigh width: 12cm
      Leg length: 24cm
      Foot length: 6.3cm
      Foot width: 2.4cm

      Anson's webpage
      Height(Including head):50cm (not including head):38cm
      Neck size: 7.4cm
      Shoulder width: 6.5cm
      Arm length: 35cm
      Chest Size: 16cm
      Waist size: 13.5cm
      Hip size: 21.2cm
      Thigh width: 11.9cm
      Leg length: 23cm
      Foot length: 6cm
      Foot width: 2.4cm
    4. First off! I so want Anson and am struggling to collect funds. She's so stunning. Second, DC is a DZ sister company? Is this confirmed??
    5. Yes, Doll Chateau is part of the DollZone stable.
    6. I think they have 2 sculptors... one who made these new dolls and ( I think) also the fantasy gift dolls before them, like the little dragons and the flower fairy and Doll Chateau dolls.. And another one who makes the humans(?)
      I really don't think all of their dolls are from 1 person, especially if I compare some molds from their lines and their general details. v_v;;

      But if not, the sculptor clearly got insiperd...and better! *^*

      Agreed with the comment on the waiting... I wish I could just order him right now. Shoot the layaways and oct releases *peers in LLt's direction* >__<
    7. Adding hands may be feasible. Per DZ assembly photo there is a common s-hook, so it could be just a matter of finding a suitable size. DZ offers MSD size hands separately; the jointed ones are only available during some special ordering times though.

      (From DZ: link)
    8. From the looks of it, if one just left off the last petal and instead replaced them with hands it would be easy enough to get to work.
    9. I took a look at the hand parts that DZ sells separately, but not being at all familiar with DZ, couldn't determine whether they could be ordered in white. I think this pair would look lovely as a replacement for that last inner petal piece. And if you were doing an actual flower, you could paint the fingertips to look like stamens.
    10. St. James, all Dollzone hands are available in white skin :)

      I too decided to order Anson, I fell in love with her body and I kinda like her face, too. I plan on making her human arms and I already have one extra pair of white DZ girl hands which I will give to give my Anson.
    11. I've decided on an Anson in yellow skin. I was looking at a site for wedding flowers and I decided to base my planthro (great type name) on the orange ranunculus. Mainly I chose the color because my collection leans heavily towards the cool colors and I need something bright.

      I'm including the link to the flower site I used, even though they don't have lots of flowers, since they did this really nice thing and divided the flowers by color.
    12. I couldn't resist I ordered Anson and Dongdong from DDE. How does dollzone yellow look?
    13. I got a Dollzone Yuu in yellow early this year and it is very yellow. I was disappointed because the older yellow skin hands I had were a nice buttermilk colour and being older I expected them to be a bit darker. He quite honestly looks jaundiced - I asked them about it and I had to get a replacement part for his shoulder and it was just as dark. I would describe the colour as yellow tan - I thought they had given me tan by mistake at first
    14. Oh well I don't mind having to string them. It would probably be hard with all those petals not to have one or two snap in transport. I'd much rather have to string them than have to wait for replacement parts anyway
    15. I'm very glad to hear these two will be shipped unstrung. There is just no way those petals would arrive intact otherwise!
    16. Oh man I just saw that DZ offers free 1/4 human arms when ordering Moment or Anson during their Christmas event!! :fangirl: Good that I hadn't ordered yet lol. I wonder if they'll be new sculpted arms?
    17. I just saw these dolls for the first time today. I am trying to decide if I want a full set with all the painting or get Anson blank and do it myself. I am not a faceup artist but I am very fussy and can do a half decent job if I try. I did the Flower fairy one myself awhile back and I like mine better than the painting they did. I wasn't crazy about the face they did so I made mine more dramatic but human (kind of) The problem for this one is Featherfall doesn't seem to have Anson blank, only Moment but they do have the full set. I don't have an airbrush but I did the Fairy with pastels effectively. I think I could do this and then I could change the colour. The eyes is the only thing I am wondering about. What kind of paint did they use for the curly thing under the eyes. I am not sure if I would want to attempt that because it would have to be done after the blushing. I would probably omit that part. Plus there is that gluing on of the jewels. Also the stringing - I don't think I could do that. Too scary. I could order a blank from Denver doll but last time I order from Dollzone, Featherfall was faster plus I am in Canada.

      I think I will sleep on it. I am thinking this would be a nice big sister for Flower Fairy. If I got it as a full set it would be all done and pretty but I think doing it would be nice and have more meaning. Funny enough I don't mind it blank either until I decide what to do. If I decide I can't do it I could always send it to someone who is good at this type of thing. My dolls don't have stories, I get them just for the look, kind of like an ornament except for when I change clothes, wigs, etc. I would like to sew a nice outfit for this girl kind of like the one they have except use some of my antique laces and fabrics. I know I am going to be dreaming of this girl all night. I really should NOT be buying anything. I have got so much lately from Rosen Lied. What to do. Has anyone received their yet?
    18. Shashy - You can just use either metallic acrylic paint, or use pearl powder with acrylic medium. For the jewels, you can use normal white glue, or carefully use hot glue, or if you want, some thick acrylic medium does well too.
    19. Thanks Invie - I am thinking I could do pastel blushing on the bottom of parts and then do pearl powder on top and up a little so it is more defined. Lots of possibilities. I can't wait to see what others have done that actually know how to do this better than me. Probably the most thing I am nervous about is putting the darn thing together. I tried to take hands off of a Dollstown doll to get her huge hands through an outfit and couldn't. I had to undo the bottom of the sleeves in the end. It was safer for me since I had visions of the hands breaking. I am still thinking if I really need her but I think I do. I will decide in a day or two. I am waiting for Featherfall to get back to me to see if I can still get Anson blank. Still undecided on whether or not I want her blank or full set. I think she is really different. Usually my BJD are hidden in my office but this is one doll I could put in the dining or living room as a conversation piece. Just have to be careful of the light. I hate that part of this hobby.
    20. I ordered my Anson in October and I was expecting to get her in a couple of weeks, but to my surprise, she arrived today! :fangirl:
      She came in a huge box, with lots of packaging material inside. I don't think I ever saw so much packaging used only for one doll. Every doll part was packed really well and very careful. Nothing broken or damaged (that was my greatest fear while waiting for this doll)
      I'm so happy right now! :D She looks amazing, so beautiful and unusual. And all those petals! :aheartbea They are just a miracle. I don't know how Dollzone manage to cast these, but I'm sure there is some magic involved ;)
      The only minor disappointment are her petal-ears. The magnets that hold them on the head are not very strong. But other than that - she's perfection :fangirl: