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New Doll DollZone New 1/3 Doll——Gene Released!

Apr 13, 2017

    1. DollZone New 1/3 Doll——Gene Released!

      ·Full-set 709$ includes: Nude doll 565$, Face-up 50$, body blushing $70(wing's makeup and tattoo on chest are included), Wig(GW60-030) 23$, Outfit(C70-026) 25$ and Eyes(G16-109 16mm).
      ·The doll in promotion picture is white skin. Default body is b70-005.
      ·Skin color: white, pink, yellow, gray and tan are available. Gray and tan needs more 90$.
      ·Outfit cannot be ordered alone. The knive in picture is not for sale.

      ·Gene in normal b70-004 body is $535. Full-set with b70-004 is $675, include Nude doll 535$, Face-up 50$, body blushing $50(tattoo on chest is included), Wig(GW60-030) 23$, Outfit(C70-026) 25$ and Eyes(G16-109).

      During Apr.12th-Apr.30th, it's only need $629 if you order Gene's full-set!
      Take him home!

      Read more: www.doll-zone.com
      Contact us: [email protected]

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    2. Is it possible to buy the wing parts separately? Or are they exclusive to Gene?
    3. Hello~ the wing need to string so officially we do not sell them alone, but if you want to buy they separate, please contact us by email. :)
    4. Hi, is it possible to buy on layaway?
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    5. Hi! Will you release a female version of Gene?
    6. I really LOVE the wings on this! I fell in love at first sight and I plan on ordering one of these dolls. Large boys are my weakness and I had already planned on having a demon character in my doll crew. You hit the nail on the head and made a doll I didn't know I needed until I saw it. I love the direction your company has been going lately. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful designs with us and I look forward to more from DollZone in the future (although my wallet doesn't. Lol.).

      I do have one question though. Will the metal o-ring piece on the dolls chest in the promo photos be included as part of the tattoo? And if so how is it attached? Glue? Thank you in advance for your reply! :D
    7. Can we see blank head pictures and a clearer picture of the face please
    8. Is he for sale for a limited time or is the promotion a limited time?
    9. Can we have better pictures of the head please? :)
    10. I second pictures of the blank head, and if he is available in basic for limited time or just the fullset is for a limited time
    11. may I ask what your email is? I'd like to buy the wings separately as well.
    12. Please show us pictures of his faceup clearly! He look pretty awesome!!
    13. Is that ring on his chest just stuck there with glue???
    14. Hello, layaway is available

      Hello, thanks for the good idea, we will consider about this :D

      Thanks for love our dolls :D
      The metal ring on his chest will be included in his fullset. We attached it by glue, and we will send it alone when shipping.

      Please check here: www.doll-zone.com

      Hi, he's not a limited doll, but the promotion for special price is time-limited. :D

      Please check here: www.doll-zone.com

      Hello, special offer for his fullset is time-limited. :)

      #14 Dollzone, Apr 17, 2017
      Last edited by a moderator: Apr 19, 2017
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    15. or is there a way to switch Gene's body with a female body?