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Dollzone new 45cm dolls foreshow

Jul 30, 2010

    1. Dollzone new 45cm dolls foreshow

      August 1, 2010, HongKong Dollism Plus 5, we are waiting for you~

    2. Are they just for the event or will they be available at the online store later?
    3. Are both girls?
      Have you planned a new 45cm boy?
      I hope for one who look a little bit arrogant or angry.
    4. From the discription they are both girls
    5. Hello Minaro..

      The 2 grils will be available as our normal edition doll...you can order at online store later..
      Just they will be shown first in this event...^_^
    6. Helle Feylla:
      Both them are girls..
      we will have 45cm boys soon as many people requrired...^_^
    7. I'm not sure if you can answer this one, but are these girls coming out on a new body?

      Dollzone's been on a roll with new body designs and dolls lately!
    8. If Yan is the guitarist, will she come with a guitar as part of her fullset? *Wishful thinking*

      Can't wait to see their faces!
    9. Hello Ellanie,They come with our previous double jointed body...we have put out detail information in www.doll-zone.com
    10. Are any pictures of their faces from the front? So we can get a better idea of how they look? All the shots in the sale pictures dont show their faces very well.
    11. you can find more pictures in dollzone site...and later soon we will put out blank head picture..
    12. Annie is all win. I want to see her blank. :)

      Will the microphone from Yan's full set and the earphones from both be available to purchase outside of the full sets?
    13. Can the old 44cm heads be put on the 45cm body? Do the clothes for the old mini DZ body fit? My Feilian might like an upgrade ... :)
    14. do you have a photo of Annie'sfacefront on ??
    15. KymInDreamland, that's so good?

    16. i visit the website and i cant find the " add to cart " button ....they are not official release yet??
      i am soooo ready to take my very first dollzone (>w<)
    17. You have to order by e-mail with Dollzone, I think.
    18. Will their outfits be available for sale separately?