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Dollzone new 60cm male body

Apr 19, 2010

    1. Lets discuss DZ new boy body in 60cm!

      News thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?367470-Dollzone-new-60cm-male-body

      Site link: http://www.doll-zone.com/pro_detail.asp?id=698

      Im very happy because with the trend in 70cm bodies now I was hoping so hard someone would bring out 60cm and smaller body on the market!

      Has just searched web up and down to find a body that dont looks childish like f. ex. Luts Delf but would also be small, not 62-63cm.

      I trust in DZ quality and posing and the new bod looks vers yummy! It reminds me of Souldoll (which I love but its to big for me).

      Only wish this body would cost a bit less though :sweat (Price: 383$)
    2. I like it!
      It's a nice trim and not overly-muscled body with the type of double-joints I prefer. It looks neither anorexic or bulky, toned and not ripped, just right. If I get some 60cm boys, you can bet this body will be at the top of my list (and I'm horrendously picky when it comes to bodies).

      Oh how I wish the newer 70cm bodies looked like this (their arms are way too skinny, and I loathe the look of the double joints on the new 70/72/65cm bodies, ugh)!

      I've been waiting to see this body come out for a while now, good job Dollzone :)
    3. aaaah i love it XD

      i needed a WS 60cm body for an incoming head..i think this is what i'll get.

      Its yummy but not too built. perfect!
    4. I like the body, but is it just me or does the neck look smaller than adverage? The measurement says 9.7m, but it looks short too. I wonder how it would look with other companies head on it... I wanted a Leeke Hero head, but I'm afraid it would just eat the neck!
    5. I've been wanting a Volks SDGr body, and I looks like this new dollzone 60cm might be comperable as far as posibility. Anybody have any thoughts on the flexiblility of the torso?
    6. Haha I was looking into an SDGr body too, but I do like what I'm seeing here in the new 60cm DZ body.... I was curious about the posing of the torso joint too... It looks very angular in a sense that it might not allow for much movement. :\

      *wants to see owner pics~*
    7. Yeah, it looks like the chest and hip joint both "fit" into the stomach part at a set angle. I know the the SDGr chest joint sits over the stomach joint, allowing it to move without dislodging it from or popping it out. I wonder how easy it would be for this one to swivel?
    8. Anybody own this body yet?
    9. How well Is the resin match of dollzone, with switch , what Color resin would match ns switch?

      If anyone can help please