Limited Items DollZone New Accessories—— 1/3 doll busts released

Jun 16, 2017

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    2. This is such a fabulous way to display heads!!! Will you be making more designs?
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    3. Is it possible to buy just the busts without the heads? Also is there any chance you'll be making 1/4 sized ones?
    4. What size body will Devon head fit?
    5. If you click on the link you will see they are available with out the heads.
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    6. Hello Everyone
      Check this New boy and girl Doll Torso was appeared.
      It is a beautiful and fantastic modeling, beautiful doll torso.
      You can display as an interior. Doll Torso is Limited term and Head is Basic item.
      Hurry meet and grab them now here new doll

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