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DollZone new Chen and Hong

Sep 19, 2008

    1. Ok, in my opinion, these are the coolest and best dolls that I've seen on DollZone so far! (besides Floy and Mo ^_^)
      I'm not sure how old they are, since I haven't been to their site in about 2 months, but I went on today and fell in love with Chen and Hong instantly!!!

      Here are some links to them if you haven't seen them yet:

      Hong- http://www.doll-zone.com/showproduct.asp?id=176

      Chen- http://www.doll-zone.com/showproduct.asp?id=174

      What do you think of them fellow BJD Lovers? :)

      ....Two more to add to my wishlist :sweat
    2. they are fairly new, in fact i dont think anyone has hong yet, and very few people have chen (at least as far as i know

      i personally absolutly LOVE hong!!! in fact he is my first bjd love!!! =]

      but he will probably be the second or third doll i buy because ive got my eyes set on two limited dolls so as much as id like to bring hong home first i btter try to get my hands on the other two before they are gone....
    3. Ah, yes, good idea! :3nodding:
      I don't blame you for doing that, and I wish I could, but the one I wanted is all sold out and has been for a few months now TT______________TT (Sard-Night Odessey)
      But no, Chen is lovely, and Hong is to die for! :whee: I hope to get both sometime in the future! :celebrate
    4. oh i know! i wanted him too! but i just discovered him like 2 weeks ago and hes been sold out a while! and i liked berly too! in fact ive got quite a list of dolls i love and the only dolls out of this list that are not limited editions or sold out long ago are dollzones hong and unidolls tiny punky edition

      so i have bad luuck with dolls =[
    5. Oh, those are beautiful... I need to remind myself that I just spent all my extra money on Afra and I cannot afford a second doll. But Chen is just... *___*
    6. I know what you mean tygati, Chen is, if a doll can be this and not only RL guys, Fine! :lol:
    7. I wish DZ would come out with a 60 cm version of some of these faces. I love the Yuu sculpt, but I just do not have room for a 70 cm doll. Unfortunately it seems like the 60 cm faces are very young- I like the more mature molds of the 70 cm dolls.
    8. [​IMG]

      I actually have Hong. And he is gorgeous. The new body is wonderful, very flexible.
    9. SoCalRoberta: *gasp* *_______________________* how come you havent been spamming him? I swear there are plenty of Hong fans out here *is one of them* please post more. I'd love to see him ^^
    10. *dies*

      Where has he been hiding!!!
    11. I love Chen...I think he may be my next..:love
    12. Yeah, I like Hong and Chen(Yue too). I don't like most DZ's dolls but they all look good ^^
    13. 2SoCalRoberta

      oh... he is beauty. ^^
      thanks for this photo
    14. Chen is very interesting, but I want to see owner pics first, any more pics of these new dolls? I hope no one is scared to post pics of them.
    15. Yes yes, more pictures are needed of these beauties! :D
      If I had a Chen or Hong I'd probably be running out of space on my digital camera :sweat
    16. Actually i've ordered Hong just few days ago ^^
      unfortunately he will be with me only by the end of OCT T^T
      BTW the 3 new DZ boys came with the new type body,you can choose between the new skinny 72cm body and the new 70cm body as well as the older body of 70cm.
    17. Yeah, I saw that. Once I get one I'll probably go with the new 72cm, it seems abit better then the older body :3nodding:
    18. I went ahead and got my Hong with the new 70 cm body, but I've been considering a Chen with the 72 cm body.
    19. OMG SOMEONE WHO HAS HONG!!!! you MUST spam more pictures!!!!!
    20. Oh really? Hmm, well, your Hong is most beautiful, I like the picture you have of him on here :)
      Heh, if I'm not careful then they'll have to be my first dolls instead of my MechaAngel Sabik :sweat