Event [DollZone] New Dolls KeAi & MiYou, June Event (Limited Doll Daomiao)

Jun 1, 2018

    1. DollZone has just released KeAi and MiYou, two adorable anime style dolls with animal tails and ears/horn. They are 1/6 size.



      In addition DollZone's June Event has begun! The June Event features two limited edition 1/6 dolls that can't be purchased separately. Only 100 combined are available.


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    2. Would it be possible to order Keai and/or Miyou on different DZ bodies? They're really cute, but I'd prefer the female body.
    3. It should be no problem to order them on bodies other than the default one, but I'll confirm that with DZ for KeAi and MiYou. :)
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    4. Does nude Miyou come with tail and fox ears?
    5. No, I’m pretty sure it’s the blank doll only. The ears can be bought separately, but I think the tail is for the fullset only.
    6. DZ has confirmed with me that you can order KeAi and/or MiYou on different bodies. Let me know which body you'd like when you're ready to order and I'll get you an exact quote. :)

      The nude MiYou doesn't come with tail and fox ears. :( The fox ears can be purchased separately, but not the tail.
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    7. Can you order a fullset KeAi, but with MiYou’s fox ears and tail substituted?
    8. Yes you can! :D Simply indicate it in your order notes. :)
    9. Will Miyou and Keai still be on sell after this event?
    10. Yes, they are not limited. :)
    11. Is there any way to find out if Miyou's tail is made of real fox fur or fake?
    12. It's fake fur. :)
    13. Someone emailed Dollzone directly and the reply said it was actually real fox fur. It does look like real fur in the images too :(
    14. I wonder if it's some sort of language barrier thing (or worse yet, deliberate misrepresentation). I'd imagine real fox fur would be a whole lot more expensive than faux fur. With my own ethnic background, I've also grown up with both witnessing and dealing with the very common practice of what's, well, blatant lying by Chinese businesses in response to a potential customer's question. I.e. in this case I can't help but wonder if DZ is saying it's real fox fur because they think that's what the customer wants to hear. :| This is quite the accusation in Western cultures I understand, but something like this would be so minor in the culture that I grew up in that no one would even bat an eye at it.
    15. I'm the person who emailed DZ to ask about the fur. At first I thought there was a misunderstanding too, and that real fur should be more expensive, so I sent a second email to ask which animal fur it is and they said fox...
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    16. Sorry for the delayed response, we'd been trying to get to the bottom of this. DollZone had told us before that they only use fake fur for their fur products, so we'd assumed that was the case with MiYou's tail as well. I'm not sure what caused the communication mishap, but we've thoroughly communicated with DollZone and verified that MiYou's tail is indeed fake fur, not real fox or animal fur.
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    17. Sorry, I’m just still a little confused. So was the fur never real, or have they changed it to fake fur? I’m just wondering if the tail will look different, and if they had new pictures if they were changing from real to fake fur.
    18. I'm afraid that they remain a bit vague about this aspect. *_* All that they told us about this specifically is, "there must be a little difference between picture and Material object, no matter real fur or fake fur".
    19. That’s ok! Thank you!
    20. Is it possible to order fullset miyou without the ear makeup?
      Where can I order the fox ears separately?