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DollZone New Year promotion--1/3 Mo head discussion

Jan 7, 2010

    1. There is no discussion thread for this yet. ^_^

      What do you think about this new released head? My daughter is crazy on it ~ OMG

      Tell me guys , what do you think?
    2. Well, it doesn't take much to sell me on a Dollzone. I own 17; four 1/3 dolls, seven 1/4 dolls, six 1/6th dolls, and one head. Mo is the Shiwoo of Dollzone - everybody loves the snarky little guy. I got mine December 20th, 2006; he was my first 1/4 doll. Now I can have a snarky big guy, though he doesn't look too snarky. Rather more like pensive, in a sexy kind of way. He is really elegant.
      They say the head will fit on the 65 cm body, so I'm going to go that way. To get the new 60 cm body they are advertising you will have to wait until the middle of February to order. The Chinese New Year is February 14th.
      I have the old 60 cm body and I don't want the head on that - it's not very flexible. I love the outfit and will definitely order that too. Now to come up with a skintone. Hm, I've been on a tan kick lately....
    3. I like it. The promo shots left me uncertain, but having seen the blank head, I definitely like the 1/3 Mo. I think I'd like to open the eyes just a tiny bit more, though-maybe a milimeter or two at most. Them looking more closed than the 1/4 Mo might just be the angle, though. Agh, I'm supposed to be saving for my fallen angel-now I might have to get one of these heads as well.
    4. I don't know...I love my 1/4 Mo and love 1/3 dolls size-wise more, but the 1/3 Mo is leaving me a bit :/ at the moment. Something about the face just doesn't seem right to me- it looks quite different from the 1/4 version (which is inevitable, of course).
    5. He will be released as a regular set later on, right? ^^ I just don't have the funds for him now but I plan to get the 1/4 Mo first and then the 1/3 Mo. Not too keen on the CNY outfit.
    6. I adore The DZ1/4th Mo... but this one is very dissapointing to me as a lot of the past sculpts have been.. the face is kinda squashed, bridge of his nose is too wide, eyes too low on his face a couple mm higher woulda made the BIGGEST difference

      not to mention MO1/4 had a lovely Jaw line.. i understand growing up some people change.. but this jawline is so boxy and square reminds me more of a Megi/WING/jawline..

      I think his eyes are the real only hit on this.. but just to low.

      I think i'd like him more if he wasnt suppoed to be an adult Mo. as his OWN sculpt he seems fine, just not to my tastes.. but as a 'grown up mo ' D: just very dissapointing to me. I was really hoping of falling for him.. seeing as all the new sculpts aside from Aimi and Luke from DZ as of recent.. left a bad taste in my mouth.
    7. From the promo announcement, DZ specified that this 1/3 MO head is only available during this promotional period given away as free gift, and will be discontinued right after. This means this 1/3 MO head will be EXTREMELY limited.
    8. that's not good news. ;0; looks like i'll have to scrape some funds out. guh. the new 1/3 body will be out after the ny promotion, right? i'm hoping that's not limited too or D:
    9. about the head:
      dollzone email me just now after I confirmed my cosmo n brant from them, though i havent send the fund yet,
      they said they will give me three pieces of 1/3 Mo heads..... three same heads,
      ow dear~
    10. :(I think they should release him as a whole doll, I'm sure a lot of people would buy him and that wonderful outfit.......such a unique face, but I have too many boys and not enough girls already:...(
    11. I would love it if they would release this head for sale.....
    12. i agree with you on that one.. Mo is my favorite DZ mold but the 1/4 head has a giant forehead.. his face looks kinda squashed. :/
      i hope it's just the couple pictures i've seen so far and that he'll look better in RL but right now, he's not as appealing to me as i thought he'd be.
    13. There is now the option to chose the Type B 1/3 Mo head...that looks very much like the 1/4 Mo. :D

      Wooo! At least he LOOKS like a mo now!
    15. :O
      Should not have looked.

      Now that's more like it! :D
    16. Aha, there's Mo! :lol: Love to see the new body, too.
    17. Yes they have, it was put up last night I was talking with Lynn from DZ when She menitoned they got put up <3 <3 , They did a Fantastic job <3
    18. Should have checked here before going to the news....

      If there are any available afterwards, I might get one (second hand I mean...).
      I think some of the other "special" event dolls have been sold in the past, I just hope
      I can find one, and not empty my aready slim wallet...XD

      I was so happy that I didn't like the first version, why did they have to make a B-version, why!!!!???
      Why did I have to be bored, and that, the 1st place I went to look... T____T;;;

      - Enzyme
    19. ^^; they made a version since a lot of Dollzone Lovers were so disappointed with the First edition