Dollzone Pandora and Benjamin

Mar 7, 2018

    1. I'm so happy that I can have this two cuties! I saw images of them in the Demon Egg and when I did some research, I realized they are sold out years ago.
      But on Instagram, I found two sellers who sold their dolls. Benjamin even has the green demon egg!
      Pandora's faceup was made by me, Benjamin has his company faceup, with some refreshements from me :)

      [​IMG]Dollzone Pandora and Benjamin faceup
      [​IMG]Dollzone Pandora and Benjamin faceup
      [​IMG]Dollzone Pandora and Benjamin faceup

      Pandora will have a DC Alberta body (centaur) and I need to find a body for Benjamin too :)
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    2. Oh wow, they are stunning, i really like their faceups :aheartbea
      i hope to see them with body and props soon
    3. Beautiful! I love what you've done with them. I really adore the Benjamin sculpt. It's always fun to see what characters people make out of his little grumpy face :)
    4. Benjamin still needs a body and clothes, of course ^^
    5. What kind of body are you hoping to get for him :D?
    6. A Doll Zone or Doll Chateau body, most likely, but any other boy bodies would do that mostlx fits in color and neck/shoulder size :)
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