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DollZone Petdolls discussion part 1

Aug 18, 2009

    1. see www.doll-zone.com :)

      Teaser from www.featherfall.ca

      <commence quote>
      Dollzone has let us know they will be putting up new petdolls on sale AUG. 25th. We should have some photos for you soon!
      <close quote>

    2. Denverdolls http://www.denverdoll.com/index.php has them and do layaway, Junkyspot has them too but dont do layaway, thats two DZ dealers I can think of, Im sure you have much more there ;)

      I hope they sell a ll the clothes separatelly - that would be cool - you can have one totally spoiled pet with big choice on clothes :lol:
    3. They're not limited, and I agree on the sheep - we're actually calling Ulli a 'Goat' on Featherfall's listing.
      Ulli looks so naughty we'll have to get one in for the store. ;)

      Figaro is a completely different fox-
      They're available for purchase either as fullsets or bare dolls:

      Will have to check on the outfits, but all the past petdolls had it so that you could purchase the outfits separately.
    4. yes this is a different fox...
    5. Not limited
    6. Wow. I went to the dollzone site for a random different reason and BAM -- I saw the goat! I love it! But it's too much for me right now. I have a Pipos Dali, which I adore to death, i'd love to get Ulli someday to accompany him.

      I don't think it's fair to compare Pipos and Dollzone or any other animal-producing companies together. There's only so many animals people express interest in, and it's probably hard to not do the same ones. Although, EVERYONE has been doing the Alice in Wonderland theme, so that's just... flooding the doll land.

      Also does anyone have any specs on these guys? Like height, eyesize?
    7. I've never ordered from Dollzone, but I'm desperate to own that sheep. I'm in awe of the fact that I was making my upcoming BBB Bei into a more human version of a sheep anthro (horns even!) character I've had for years, and now a more animalistic version I can use for her exists. And Ulli's face is dead on for her. I'm so happy!

      She'll be my first full-on anthro. It'll be a few months before I can make the purchase, but seriously, it's dream doll material. :aheartbea

      From everything on the site, these guys are 16CM (about 5 inches) tall and are single jointed with a two part torso.
    8. okay, I missed the 16cm/14mm eye note on the site.

      Haha, that means theyre kind of pukifee sized? Which is funny, since I wanted a doll of that size.... I dont know why Im drawn so much to the small animal dolls!

      When you guys who order get them in make sure to post opening threads!! I'm honestly considering getting the body blushed Ulli in the future now (aka next year), but the only setback is I don't want him to be naked, but I don't like his default fullset outfit, either --- I'd rather have the cat's black vest outfit instead, but it's more expensive to order the doll + other outfit.
    9. Onion doesn't know if she belongs in this thread since the title says NEW pet dolls.


      She doesn't say much and the only one who seems to understand what she's saying is my PukiFee Gro.

    10. Well, my group order has arrived. I have taken pictures of a few of the dolls I ordered. First a review:

      The DZ outfits I ordered are absolutely magnificent. I can't get over the quality. If and when I order again, I will order every outfit available. I am not crazy about some of the default outfits because they are so "on theme" but being able to order others is a great opportunity.

      Now on Ulli. I am really happy with him with 2 exceptions. First DZ has awful eyes in their animals and changing his was a real pain. The eye wells are very deep and positioning the eyes just right is hard. I did it late last night and I was really tired which probably made it three times harder than it should have been. Also, using eyes with stems is difficult because of the "s" hook positioning rubbing the stems. I took a couple pictures this morning and I can see that I need to make an adjustment. Also, he does not stand easily on his hooves. I will undoubtedly buy a little stand for him. I did get him to stand but it was a lot of work.

      On to Anna. I love her. She stands and poses like a trooper.

      Next is Kane who I decided was a girl but may indeed be a boy because I have a Figaro Fox outfit for him to wear:
    11. Aww, they have changed the bunny so much! :sorry the nose+mouth area is rounder ar bigger to what it was on first bunny release (and i wont even start about the ears) :/

      I am interested to see more of the kane anyhow.
      Could you (fatcat77) or somebody else get more pictures of kane?
      (Naked too please if it's not any problem) I am interested has the bodyshape changed.

      And! If somehow happens that somebody can take photos of kane and earlier bunny together i could be truely happy \o/

      I happen to have the first bunny from DZ. She's a very fine lady and she misses a love :aheartbea beside her. My first idea is getting fox boys body and have bunny head on it so i would get bunny gentleman for the little bunny lady. Now i am interested of every option for bunny mister because i'ts so hard to hunt those head and body. I haven't taken any liking yet to any other bunny doll yet so i'm on the search. Let's see if my little miss will get her charming sailor ever. :...(

      edit: heres lates't picture of my little darling(taken with cellphone camera so not very highest quality)
    12. Truthdel, here you go!



    13. Bumping for these. More pictures and info on posing please. I luv that they are 16 cm. Can they wear Lati yellow clothes then?
    14. Be sure and post them with an on-topic doll as they are not. I have two of them: they are among my favorites. Here's one of them: which one do you have?

    15. bumping this thread! I ordered Kane (thinkpink dealer order will be placed at the end of the month) and I'm excited! I know it'll be a while until he arrives but I will blush him to look like my dear pet bunny who recently passed away.

      Now that they are discontinuing Anna, I'm tempted to get her as well, with the 20% dicount and all....:/ We'll see!

      Thanks's for the comparison pictures of Kane and Bunny. I prefer Kane, he looks more rabbit-ish ;)

      Any advice on eyes? I heard Kane's eyes are very hard to change....Could I put 16mm into him (I want to have very little white visible) or are these too big? And I guess I should definitely get eyes with stems?!
    16. Aww, it's kinda sad how dead this thread is, I love the DZ pets! I have both bun-buns. Kane and the event bunny, Kane is named Lyra, and the event bunny is Bailey. Or, Bailey Bunny is her nickname.

      I really wanted to get the Goat, but probably only if I find him secondhand. Both Lyra and Bailey were bought secondhand off DoA marketplace ^.^
    17. So cute! I always wanted one of the bunnies, too, but managed to get the Doll Leaves one instead.
    18. Thanks :3 I love my little bunnies.
      Aww that's cute, I almost got Jax as well, so I could give these 2 a brother. Maybe I will someday x3

      The only thing I really "dislike" about the bunnies, is because of the fact that their ears are stringed through the body, it's very hard to get inside the head. But it doesn't really matter that much, I don't plan on ever changing their eyes, they are perfect as they are
    19. I know that this thread is really old, but I just bought an old Petdoll Fox (Or I think that it's an older one because it looks NOTHING like Figaro) and I want to see more love for these guys! As soon as she gets here I plan on posting some pics. I have paid for her, and have her MP thread pics, but since she's not in my possession, I'm not quite sure if I'm allowed to put them up... Please, someone give me some love here- the older versions of the Petdolls or the new!
    20. If it is an old Fox from the gift batch it should be a boy, not a girl. The bunny was on the girl body.