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Dollzone release Mo and Megi (1/4's) as full sets

Dec 27, 2007

    1. A bit more news for everyone. :)

      Dollzone have now released Megi and Mo as full sets.

      Mo-2 as he will be known will be $313.00 as the full set, Megi-2 is $305.00 in White, normal Yellow and normal Pink resins. Tan versions are $60.00 extra.

      Both come with their own outfits, special faceup, wigs and footwear.

      Outfits and wigs will be available to purchase on their own as well.

      Please be patient with your agents, it will take time to update sites with the new options.

      This is the Mo.




      And this is Megi.




      And the two together.....

    2. Moggie,

      How much are the outfits?
    3. Mo's outfit is $49.99 and Megi's outfit is $43.99.
    4. what size are megi's eyes?
    5. All the 1/4's take 16mm eyes.