New Doll Dollzone release new limited-time doll tarot Death and Hermit

Sep 22, 2016

    1. They are limited-time dolls ,time up to October 31st.You can choose white and grey skin.If you order nude nude doll,you will get one free helmet.if you order fullset doll ,you will get one free helmet with make up.
      if you want to order them,pls email :[email protected]
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Height (Including head):49cm
      Height (without head):43cm
      Head size: 16.3cm
      Neck size: 6cm
      Shoulder width: 8cm
      Arm length: 14cm
      Chest Size: 15.9cm
      Waist size: 11.8cm
      Hip size: 18.9cm
      Leg length: 26cm
      Thigh width: 10cm
      Foot length: 5.5cm
      Foot width: 2cm
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    2. These dolls don't appear to have wrist or ankle joints. Is that correct?

      Very cool dolls, I like them a lot :D Thank you for posting
    3. Yes ,my dear, you are right.thank you!:lol:
    4. The sculpt is the same? Faceup/Blushing and resin colour is the difference of both dolls?
    5. @Sadomina
      The sculpts are somewhat similar but if you look at the nose and eye shapes they are two different sculpts.

      Hermit has a softer nose and more open eyes.
      Death has a pointier nose and more narrow eyes.

      Hope that helps ^^
    6. Will they be available through denver doll or mint on card?
    7. I have some questions please...
      can you get the free Skull hat with Hermit too?
      Or, is skull hat only available with Death?
      Are dolls double jointed or single jointed?
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      Hermit and Death may be posted on this forum if they are presented on an on-topic body.