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Dollzone returns?

Feb 11, 2006

    1. Going through eBay I saw these:



      Both claim to be "DollZone" brand dolls, and they're $200-ish MSD dolls like last time. Are these original sculpts, or are they copying another brand again? Or is it another company who didn't realize that the name Dollzone had already been taken?
    2. I saw those yesterday. They don't look like any sculpt that I can recall, and I kind of like them. If it is the same company though, I would be very wary of purchasing from them.
    3. They look cute, and definitely very different for mini-sized dolls...the hands look a bit clumsy to me, and I personally would wait for feedback/pics from owners describing the resin quality, sculpt quality (I'd like to see it from different angles), poseability, etc before considering a purchase. But I am very glad to see yet another new boy doll! The year has barely begun, and there are already so many new male sculpts coming out, it seems. ^__^
    4. It does however look like they're using Volks dolls in their banners. XD Looks like Heath and another I can't identify by lips alone.
    5. I noticed him yesterday, myself. From what I can see...isn't that the DoC long-leg boy body?
    6. OMG......The shop owner is my friend...
    7. Thats a Kid Delf boy body (their girls were kid delf girl bodys) just look at the shape of the peen (bottom picture), the dimples on the knees, shapes of the legs and arms. The hands are the proportion and shape as kid delf hands, they just look slightly distorted (which happens when you copy a doll). They also look like they aren't the default hands that my boy has (and the girl dollzone dolls had). I know there are at least two types of default kid delf hands, An and Jeong? come with different ones, and the white dolls might have yet another set. I've never gotten good default hand compairsons for all the different kid delfs <3 However size wize, same proportion.

      The only piece that looks a little different is the upper torso which has a similar overall shape but seems to be modified to have a bit more "chest" and some ribs on the side. They however modified the upper torso of thier girl dolls (they had boobs ;D) as well.


      Previous owners of the girls dolls have said they weren't well made, the joints didn't fit well together (another sign of copied dolls).


      Just in case anyone needs proof that thier pervious dolls were copies, and doesn't want to read the other threads:

      (I received permission to link to this photo, thanks Asato).
    8. Hello every one
      I'm glad that you are interested in DollZone Dollfie~
      I'm the shop owner~
      My Ebay shop is DollZone official agency.
      Our shop sell custom dollfie and other doll accessories not only DollZone dollfie.
      All the item from I Doll House is handmade.

      If you have any question please ask me~

      The DZ girl LYNN and NICOLE will not sell again!

      Xi and Yi are two of Dollzone new boy~
      actuality, There is 4 kind of new boys~
      there are: Xi, Yi, Shuang and Feng
      This time, the body of Dollzone boy is OK, You could see the pictuer in my item~
      The seam lines of body has been removed~


      About banner,lips only, the model is SD16 Sawaragi.
      And the other banner is Custom Heath by I Doll House.
      I Doll House have other company child, no only DollZone.
    9. So does this mean they've got legit? o_o I'd still be a bit wary... considering there is already a history of complaints about quality and copyright infringement.
    10. I knew the new boy doll would appear here eventually...

      I wanted to discover how legit they were being commenting...

      I don't believe DZ changed...

      they seem to have moved on to stealing the larger CP heads now..
    11. Well, I guess nothing can be done until there is solid evidence.
    12. I take back my comment >.<
    13. I think it's a full size chiwoo sanded down alot to make it less recognisable.
      notice how big the face is in comparison to the head size as well as the body?
    14. I :love Love :love your 2 boys
      Xi is adorable and Im looking forward to seeing him , cant wait untill he arrives
      I have been waiting for a MSD size doll ,especially white
      that took my eye , and he has
      Xi is comming home
    15. Well, I would hope not, being they were, you know, copies. -_-
    16. ... If we knew they were copying headmolds or bodies exactly this time around, I could see why people would be annoyed, but since nothings been proven yet shouldn't we give them the benefit of the doubt? It is possible that they came up with a sculpt that happened to look a lot like Chiwoo, or bodies that were quite similar to existing bodies (Since, fudamentally, the amount of difference between two boy bodies in the same size catagory from different companies, barring resin colour, is not that huge in the first place). To be fair, I'm mostly ignorant of the history of this company (Although it seems like they don't have a good reputation for a good reason) and I'm aware I could be proved wrong, but I'd still like to be fair to them if they are trying to redeem themselves.

      Besides, from what I understand, this ebay seller is only a retailer and not the company itself and I think maybe discussing the quality of her products, however justified, in a thread headed up by a link to her webpage might be considered just a little unpleasant. I'm sure no one means to offend or upset her, but it could be percieved as innapropriate.
    17. Oh dear!!
      And I ordered one of the boys... I thought! Oh great! Those are obviously not copies! Yay!
      Oh Phooey!

    18. I'm sorry if I cause offence, all I can say is this has been discussed at length in other places and, I stand by my view,

      I also feel that people deserve to be aware of the possibility before they buy...but this is also just my opinion

      I don't think that the bodies could match by coincidence..
    19. Er...I understand the necessity for concern, but in the time I've been on this forum it seems almost as if the automatic response for any new (well, in this case 'returned') company is suspicion and accusations. I know that people have a right to be quite worried about the possibility of spending hundreds of dollars on a fraud...but no need to go overboard without more solid evidence. Just my opinion.
    20. I think you're right on target, personally. I can't believe anyone would even defend them. They obviously had copies for sale once... can you blame anyone for having lingering doubts and mistrust towards them?? I'm amazed at how people can hold grudges over petty things and yet be soooo forgiving over other things.