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DollZone SD Jointed hands

Aug 24, 2009

    1. Hello

      DollZone will release one pair of new SD Jointed hands ^^

      First batch limited quantity in global world:100 pair^^

      Release on 25/August/09~
    2. $109 for white skin/normal pink skin/normal yellow skin
      Add $20 for tan skin
    3. yes can order from Dollzone dealers^_^
    4. yes can fit the 70cm and 72cm body
    5. Not include
    6. $25 for one pair
    7. It will depend on the 1st batch production condition ~
    8. Just found these listed on Yahoo Japan. Another image:

    9. Yay! I'm eyeing one for my boy. :D
      Btw, my boy is a 70cm old tan skin from mid 2008 batch. Will the normal yellow skin fit him?
    10. don't know if this is a silly question or not, but does anyone know if the hands come preassembled or would you have to do it yourself? Also, are they meant for either the 70cm OR 60cm or are they really meant to work with either? Cos they look a little on the large side but it's hard to tell
    11. is there any comparing photos of these hands with the original hands of DZ 70?
    12. That is very cool. What color and size should SOOM's super gem (NS) order?
      Normal yellow of this 70cm hands?

      When you said US20 for tan skin. What about Iplehouse's Latino Aaron skin tone?

      Appreciate any advice!

    13. They are up for sale on doll-zone.com but you have to bank tfr it over...so far I cannot see them on any of the agents sites >_< Bah humbug for living in the UK!
      When will they be updated?
    14. These hands are only made for 70-72 cm BJD.

      Please search DoA for resin comparisons for your particular company doll if you require information on color match.


      These hands are now up for order on Sakura Den's web store.

      We only sell to customers in Canada.

      Click here to buy.

      Please request this product be available with your own country's DZ dealer. :)
    15. Update:

      First batch of 100 pairs worldwide are SOLD OUT.

      Keep watch if Dollzone decides to sell them again. :aheartbea
    16. Nightmoon: I assume you mean that the hands have sold out at your store? They appear to be still available in small quantities at the Ebay store mentioned in post 14.
      Just incase anyone's hopes were dashed. They also seem to be still available at Denver Doll, though I don't know how many pairs they have. So go, go, go if you still want them! :)
    17. Anyone knows if they will be available again someday?? T___T
    18. Not anytime soon, they MAY later next year if things get quiet, it just take a lot to produce them