DollZone Skin Tone

Jun 1, 2017

    1. So, Dollzone did change their skin tone pretty recently and I know a lot of people have made comparisons between the old and the new. I have a DZ Raphael from 2015 in normal pink, and his body doesn't really appeal to me anymore. I was going to get him a new DZ body, but realized that the new skin tones might make it look odd. Does anyone think it'll look too weird if I get him a body in the newer skin color and don't blush the head to match? I want to keep his company face-up for a little bit longer, it's so pretty and gives him an extra spout of character.

      Why do companies decide to change their skin tones? I've always wondered if it's a marketing ploy, to get people to buy more of the old resin before the new, or if the old can no longer be produced due to an outside factor. I guess if there's no way to get the old resin color, then a new tone is necessary, but why change if there's no outside pressure to do so?

      Another thing I'm worried about from DollZone is ordering a doll and the wait time upwards of seven months coming to kill me. I thought waiting four months for DollZone two years ago was bad, it seems it's only worsened... Is it due to demand that the wait times increase? With enough customers, there should be more funds to go into making dolls faster. Maybe I'm just a noob in the whole doll making process, but isn't that usually how a business works?
    2. I have an old pink skin from a couple years ago and a new pink skin, the tones are very close still. The main color changes were with the white and yellow skins, it seems. It should be a close match still depending if there's much yellowing.
      Many companies change resin colors when they upgrade to better, more stable resin. In DZ's case, I believe they upgraded to a new resin that is less prone to yellowing than their old, but I'm not 100% certain on that.
      The wait's pretty up there right now, they've been releasing dolls like crazy lately and they've gotten a bit swamped with a TON of orders as of late. They're likely just behind on orders between working on new events and releases.
    3. I like it when BJD companies post pictures of their resin colors. I think dollzone has done the same. I found a picture on Dolk Station. But it doesn't list the peach skin.
    4. I got an old pink one many years ago. I was told it’s a pink skin. Looking at dollzone they have two different pinks. White/pink and pink. My Bjd body looks white skin to me but does not match the sample online. Been looming into getting a head for my msd but not sure what color works for the body.

      sample colors
      My doll (flash and no flash)
    5. @kookie
      The picture without flash looks like my pink skin dollzone, white skin is a creamy ivory color in person, much whiter than it looks in their sample photo there

      Dollzone only recently added the pink/white, the past year or two? But dollzone tends to be fairly inconsistent with their colors
    6. Nice, thank you! I just got back into collecting. Most of my stuff has been put up for almost 10 years.