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Dollzone Spain cancels orders even with received payment?

May 27, 2008

    1. I can't believe it, today I received a mail where dollzone.es announced that they cancelled my order.
      I couldn't believe my eyes!
      I payed with paypal exactly 10 days ago and now they do this? Also I placed a second order for a body and a head but I didn't receive any bill as email yet.
      status order is on "waiting for stock"

      uh yeah. I don't know what dollzone spain is doing. I contacted them about my second order and they didn't answer me yet.
      Also I complained about the cancelled order and send a screenshot of the paypal payment.

      I hope this works...
      Dollzone Spain is pretty lame and they don't answer. Can I trust them in future?
      I mean when I don't get the money back what can I do? O_o
    2. I hope you'll get an answer from Dollzone Spain. But I'm not sure whether you can trust them anymore. I haven't ordered anything from them, since I had heard some negative comments.

      You could try ThinkPink or Manus Dolls shop - I've tried both of them and its nice to deal with either one of them.
    3. Have Dollzone Spain sorted this out for you yet? I have ordered items from them twice last year- both times they were quick to reply to my e-mails o_O
    4. @Lotte Rotten

      Yeah they managed it finally. Ordered the goods for me and set the status to paid =)
      Now I have to wait a month though. I ordered the goods before the 25th and paid, but Dollzone had problems with paypal and didn't receive a note of my payment. So they didn't order I guess and the next order date is the 25th as always =_=
    5. I'm sorry to hear that you had problems with Dollzone Spain.

      I just received my DZ BB Tanned Kay from Dollzone Spain and was very impressed with their service.
      I ordered him on the 9th June, using their stock pages...I paid for him via Paypal the same day. He was shipped on the 10th and because of the haulage workers strike here in Spain, he didn't arrive until the 16th.

      All of my questions were answered promptly and politely by email. I was really pleased with the service I got from them.

      As for the doll, he is really great, good quality, nice resin, poses really well. He was also wrapped very carefully.

      I would definitely recommend Dollzone Spain to anyone.
    6. dambuster01

      they had problems with paypal, so they didn't receive a note of my payment.
      But now everything's ok.