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DollZone Spring Promotion Event, March 20-April 20

Mar 21, 2012

    1. Hi guys!

      Thank you for your long time loving and supporting on DZ,now we have a discount event for some of our dolls, here’s the list.

      Nude doll and fullest: France, violeta, X-3, lotus-2, yage-2, orlando-3, cherry-3, wilka-2, Linlan-2, Celine-1, Kangxi, Weixiaobao, Shuanger, Jianning

      Body: B60-002, B60-003

      Event time is from 20-Mar- 2012 to 20-Apr-2012

      During this time, you can get a 22% discount off if you buying one of the dolls or bodies on the list.

      P.S. The discount is only for these listed dolls and bodies, not for all. And pls do not choose Tan skin for these dolls and bodies.

      Then, after this event, these dolls and bodied will be stopped forever. If you love them, don’t hesitate ^ ^
    2. Is the Orlando head getting discontinued or just the fullset?
    3. The Dollzone website is displaying the fullset prices; check Mint on Card for the nude blank doll prices-- they have the list of the discontinued dolls there as well as photos of the "old" bodies.
    4. Will the head alone be available in the future>?
    5. Nope, the heads are on discount as well.
    6. I like the Jian Ning head, but I can not find it in the list of heads. Does anyone know if the mold has another name?
    7. orlando's head can get the dicount ^ ^
    8. i don't think so, it will be stopped forever..
    9. they are not on the web, but you can send an email to sales@doll-zone.com she will tell you how to make an order, just tell her what you want ^ ^