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Dollzone Summer Event Boy

Jun 15, 2011

    1. Hello people of Den Of Angels.
      I have came with a few questions

      First, I am very sorry if this is in the wrong section. :(

      Secondly, Does anyone know if Dollzone would be willing to sell a Summer Event Deer just by itself? I just love them! :aheartbea

      Thank you!
      Thank you!
      Thank you! :D
    2. No, I already asked them. XD

      You should put a WTB (want to buy) thread in the market place when you get access and I'm sure someone will be able to help you. C=
    3. Oh Sheesh! I love the little boy deer so much XD
    4. Oh, and thank you very much for your answer.
    5. Yeah, they haven't ever sold their event freebies separately from what I have seen. People keep asking though;) I do hope very much you are able to adopt one. I'm interested, too and can't wait for more pictures. We could turn this thread into a discussion for them once they start arriving:)
    6. That would be wonderful. :) I saw in one of the pictures that he had his hooves removed, do you think it is possible? Or did they just give him a new body?
    7. This isn't exactly true. Sometimes they make too many and wind up offering them up for sale through their dealers. The DZ babies (which are off topic on these forums) have been sold through DZ dealers and I think several are still available even. Also Leo and Luna were sold for a while but are now out of stock most places. However the really popular ones weren't. I am also hoping to get a little deer boy. He is really cute.
    8. Really? After the event ends, I'lll have to check out the dealers. How much are they normally?
    9. Im very sorry for the double post but, i looked on DDE and it seems every year after the event ends, they sell the promotional doll. Im not sure for how much they would go for, but it's worth waiting after July.
    10. They have sold a few of the event dolls but I wouldn't count on it. I'm not sure how much the deer dolls will go for. It seems Luna and Leo went for around $110, same with the Dragons and the babies were $90 without faceup but I think they only have them with face up now. They never sold the Flower dolls or Momo and Nono that I can remember though. The Bunny and Fox were originally event gifts as well but they eventually became a full line of pet dolls. I don't know that that will ever happen with the other event dolls.
    11. I have almost paid off my deer boy but I've to pay the last wee bit off when he gets to to the kind persons house (layway split)
      I would imagine they really would officially be in the area of $80-120
      And if what you guys are saying happens this year I may have to purchase a second boy for a friend.

      I wish you luck on your hunt though! I see Iris has started a WTB thread for a deer doll so good luck to you as well! <3
    12. I put in a layaway with DollZone just in time to earn me my little cutie but I really was torn about getting the girl :( If they do go on sale I would love to pick her up to go with my boy. The promo is still going for a few more weeks... maybe see if someone is ordering stuff from DollZone and would be willing to split with you?
    13. That's what I did. Or rather, I put up a WTB thread and a kind person contacted me within a few days (like, 3 bumps...so 4 days?) willing to order what ever colour resin I wanted because they were already planning to order from them. >w<

    14. That's great! Congrats! I love it when stuff works like this :)
    15. I'm so happy about how well it turned out! It really has made my year so far! X3

      I thought I would include an email I got in reply to a few questions about the deer dolls. Just in case anyone is wondering. >w<
      Read from the bottom quote up.

    16. I do remember asking about the wigs and they said that it is not sold by the company for the boy:( Thanks for the info on the eyes!
    17. No problem! I found it rather curious the girl and boy have different sized eyes but when I went back to look at the pics I can totally see it.
    18. I think they're both equally cute - I don't like the antlers or the doe ears, they're too large. But I just adore the little hooves...

      I wish they would make more dolls like these, but not as LE. At least not the 'free with $xxx kind of LE.
    19. Right now I am trying to convince my hubby that he really wants his next MSD to be a dz MSD. I don't think I have him convinced though. I agree I do wish they would just sell them vs giving them away as a free gift. This is the second time I've been stuck hunting for a gift doll. Last time it was a Luts event head but that time I found a split quickly. Then I had to find a second one of the heads and it was so hard to do (the head was not popular at all and no one had them) so I'm hoping to find some one willing to split with me now vs hunting one down later.
    20. Im just worried that they will never sell them! I'd be so heartbroken!