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DollZone The Moon and The Star Discussion

May 31, 2016

    1. I absolutely adore them. If it weren't for the perfect head for one of my characters also being limited I probably would have gotten one, I know exactly what I would want to do with one too. I'm really excited to see how everyone else styles theirs, and it's definitely something I'll keep an eye out for second hand in the future.
    2. Oh I really love their looking but I can't buy them because I need the money for something else v.v But it's quiet ok maybe someday I can get a second hand one ^-^
    3. I hope you get your perfect head soon fairthilien :> Glad to see someone else super excited like me!

      Aw that's always the way isn't it? No funds when there's something you really want xD
    4. My Carter asks this body. Paid him the body of a Star))) Will own them.
    5. Oh I see now, I didn't look thoroughly enough sorry :> Would the right thing to do be to delete this thread? Sorry I'm pretty new here.
    6. I dunno, I'd let the mods deal with it if they don't think it's appropriate. Last I heard they were still discussing whether these dolls were on topic or not....
    7. That sounds like the best thing to do, defer to the mods. By the way I see that we both are getting Moon, you have great taste :>
    8. I had an immediate epiphany of who her character could be when I saw her so I took that as a sign.....she's so beautiful!
    9. Isn't it the best when you feel so inspired when you see a doll? That sad but sweet face just kills me to! Probably the only girl doll I have seen that struck me down right away. I can't wait to see all her details up close, I really wonder how the spine is going to be attached to. Do you already have a story for your girl? :>
    10. I have a violent Dollshe Ausley named Alex (from Clockwork Orange) and Moon is going to be one of Alex's victims but she let's her live...so Moon's gonna drag around leaving a blood trail behind her but she'll take it all in good spirits.....existentially....
    11. Aw the poor thing but it will suit her won't it lol. Moon does seem to have a faint Mona Lisa sort of smile so it suits her to just be getting on with her life~ I can just imagine the cool blood-smear on the ground photo's now OwO
    12. What a cool idea Kiwi! These dolls are going to be so versatile and inspire so much creativity I can tell :>
    13. I can't wait to get mine. I ordered DZ Moon and I already know what to do with her. She will be an undead Oraculum in my story, called Aillil. I am going to build an special chamber to her full with eyes and occult stuff.
      I really hope admins will keep them on topic, because they are both gorgeous! :love
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    14. I also hope the dolls remain on topic, it would be so sad to not be able to share them :> I can't wait to see everyone's pics and what kind of stories they craft since these are such unique dolls <3 A chamber for her sounds like a great idea since I don't think they will be able to stand on their own- and it'll be extra cool and creepy~
    15. Yeah, that was what I was thinking about... no chance to make her standing, so she will be attached to the ceiling and walls with mini chains, and I might sculpt an altar to put the bottom of her body inside. I will place an little pool under the doll itself - and the altar will be in the middle of it. In the story she will 'read the future' from the waves of the water when her tears falling in it.
      Vote for creepy stuff :D I also planning to cover her entire body with tattoos. I can't wait to finally have her!

      Do you have any special plan? :)
    16. Wow you've really thought everything out lol! Creepy stuff love forever! <3 She's only my second doll and the first I've bought new so I'm pretty new to BJD, I find it a little hard to think up a story for my dolls unless I have them with me so I will have to wait and see :> I can tell you're a story pro though lol!
    17. Ha ha ha...this made me smile, because you are describing me!!!! I also have a problem thinking through a story without the doll. I totally love reading some of the stuff people write in their short profiles, which is incredibly detailed, those people are very talented. I am more visual and tend to dream and think more about clothes, wigs and costumery. But in this instance I am dreaming up a seat!!! I want a special theatrical type seat for her...so happy we have this thread, as I have been waiting nearly 4mths already for a DC doll!!! Ordered her in January and expected any day soon....it's very long wait Arghhhh #dramatic sigh!!!!